The September 27 edition of WWE Smackdown was taped on Tuesday, the 24 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The following are the spoilers:

WWE COO Triple H starts off the show. He generates noticeable heat as he enters. He talks about how people are accusing him of favoritism on social media as well as WWE superstars blaming officials for their own failures. Going on, “The King of Kings” says that he and Stephanie McMahon carry the company, and yet receive criticism for doing what is best for business.

Triple H continues by stating that he gives WWE talent many opportunities to succeed. The Miz interrupts and says, “Really?” Miz goes on to ask Triple H if he thinks he’s being fair, but before Triple H can answer, Miz again says, “Really?” Triple H fires back by saying The Miz is one of the superstars who gets a chance but fails. WWE’s COO doesn’t understand how it’s his fault that The Miz didn’t capitalize on his opportunity. Hunter goes on to say that The Miz received another great chance with Miz TV on Monday Night Raw, but once again, Miz screwed up that chance as well.

Triple H then shows the footage of Randy Orton laying out The Miz. He goes on to talk about how great of an opportunity that was for Miz to prove himself worthy of being a WWE Champion. Miz responds by saying it was a setup. Triple H then states that Stephanie McMahon was right in coming to the ring and giving Miz the chance to voice himself on RAW. However, Miz then says he should have called Stephanie a b*tch, not a “witch.”

Triple H then says Stephanie is sorry for what happened, so he is going to give Miz another chance at Randy Orton. Miz accepts the offer, and Triple H offers to have Miz’s parents watch him get beat up again. Hunter closes by saying that Miz has yet another opportunity at the door.

1) Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth via submission- After the match, Rob Van Dam and Ricardo Rodriguez make a run-in. Rob Van Dam ends up getting the upper hand as he lays out Del Rio, and stands tall with the World Heavyweight Championship in hand.

Next, Triple H and Vickie Guerrero speak about what stipulation to add to the Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio match at Battleground. The COO and Smackdown General Manager agree on a match with hardcore rules.

2) The Real Americans def. The Prime Time Players via submission- Zeb Colter cuts a promo beforehand telling the people to join along in saying, “We the people!” The match goes on for a good amount of time as all four men get involved at one point. Darren Young eventually ends up cleaning house. Young then is able to pin Cesaro, but the ref is distracted so no count is made. Jack Swagger is then able to get back in the match and make Young tap to his Ankle Lock.

3) Bray Wyatt def. Zack Ryder via pinfall- Relatively quick match where Wyatt hit his Sister Abigail on Ryder to obtain a victory. There were apparently some Husky Harris chants during the match.

4) Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose (c) for the United States Championship is fought to a no contest– Since Ambrose has Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by his side, Ziggler enters with Rob Van Dam and Kofi Kingston in his corner. The match goes on for a bit and the action eventually spills outside of the ring. This leads to Rollins and Reigns interfering in the match. The six men then brawl inside the ring, and Triple H then comes out to end the chaos. He then announces and impromptu six man tag match instead.

5) The Shield def. Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, and Rob Van Dam via pinfall– Ziggler and Reigns start the match and the two square off for a little bit then Rollins comes in for The Shield. Ziggler is able to get Rob Van Dam in to the match, and he hits a standing flip on Rollins for a two count. RVD goes on to hit his rolling thunder for another near fall. Rollins is able to get Ambrose into the match, but RVD quickly tags in Ziggler after Ambrose puts an arm lock on Van Dam. Rollins and Reigns are able to isolate Ziggler and get some good offense in. However, while Reigns is in, Ziggler DDTs Reigns after Reigns caught him. Rollins is able to get in after this, but Ziggler makes a hot tag to Kofi, who cleans house. However, Rollins ends up pinning Kingston shortly thereafter.

Big Show is then interviewed. He says he needs his job, and he’s torn with everything that has been going on lately. Triple H then appears and makes fun of Big Show, saying he could get Big Show a job to be a paperboy. Show then cocks his fist for the KO punch, but Triple H tells him to think about his family. Big Show holds up and Triple H then mocks “The Giant” with fake tears as Show walks off angrily. The segment ends with Triple H smiling.

6) AJ Lee def. Cameron via pinfall- Quick match where the Divas Champion nails Cameron with a kick to gain a victory.

Paul Heyman comes out to cut a promo. He says that the fans sadden him, and if they were really shocked that he beat CM Punk. He goes on to state that every time Punk comes against him, Punk will fail. Continuing, Heyman says Punk knew it was a trap during the last Monday Night Raw where Heyman’s scooter stopped, but it was the fans fault that Punk tried to attack him. “Paul E.” then shows the clip from Monday Night Raw that shows Punk getting attacked by Ryback and Curtis Axel. Heyman then goes on to thank Ryback, Axel, and the WWE Universe for his success on Monday Night Raw. He then asks the fans if they really think Punk can beat Ryback at Battleground. The fans start to chant “Yes,” but Heyman says Punk will be looking up at Ryback after he is finished with Punk. He finishes by proclaiming that he is the Best in the World.

7) Santino Marella and The Great Khali def. 3MB via pinfall

8) Randy Orton def. The Miz via pinfall- Orton kept targeting The Miz’s injuries and got disqualified. However, Triple H restarted the match because he said Orton was trying to get disqualified but had to win via pinfall. Orton ended up winning via pinfall by hitting a RKO on The Miz to end the show.




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