• WATCH: WWE Star Releases Brand New Music Video

    It’s another career. Wrestlers are often left in a weird place after their careers end, as they still have a lot of working years left. With wrestling careers often ending...

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  • How R-Truth Accidentally Won The US Title

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  • Major Update On The 2020 Slammy Awards

    There’s his next job. It is pretty rare to find a WWE star who is still a big deal when they make it into their late 40s but R-Truth has...

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  • VIDEO: R-Truth Joins A Viral TikTok Challenge

    His other talents. Wrestlers are incredible performers as they have to mix together athleticism, action, drama and occasionally comedy, romance, intrigue and more, all in front of a live crowd....

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  • VIDEO: R-Truth And Brock Lesnar’s Excellent Adventure

    He made it work. There are very few wrestlers who have been able to defy the laws of time like R-Truth. He started in the WWF all the way back...

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  • WWE VIDEO: R-Truth Gives Sad Update On Little Jimmy

    I haven’t seen him around. A lot of stories take place in WWE every single year and some of them are a lot better than others. Just because something isn’t...

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  • WWE Nearly Recreated Infamous Live Segment

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  • VIDEO: WWE Has A Game Show

    Show me the game! There is no secret to the fact that WWE has a lot of content. No matter what they have going on, they are going to find...

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  • Important Detail On R-Truth’s Game Show

    It took long enough. The WWE Network has changed the way wrestling fans can watch the sport that they love. Never before has there been a way to see so...

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  • VIDEO: R-Truth’s Emotional New Music Video

    It’s another thing to do. Wrestlers often have some trouble figuring out what to do once they get out of the business. Some wrestlers are able to keep a job...

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