The New Day is currently the most successful stable in WWE today, and perhaps in the last decade. There hasn’t been a group since The Shield that has been this dominate and had this level of longevity.

Xavier Woods of The New Day recently did an interview with The Phoenix-New Times to promote Monday Night Raw and elaborated on The New Day “gimmick,” and Demolition’s Tag Team record.

You can read the full interview right here. Below are some of the highlights:

Will the New Day beat Demolition’s Tag Team Title record?:

“That’s an extra 200 days, so considering we will keep them forever, yes, of course we will. Of course.”

Do you think the New Day gimmick is geeky?

“Uh … this word ‘gimmick’ that you keep on using, I’m not sure what that is. When I go out on TV, I’m just myself, and I feel like my personality isn’t really any sort of gimmick the way that people might use the word. What we do, when our music hits, we go out and we just hang out with each other. We’re friends and that’s what we’re about, being friends and making sure that we have a good time. We’ve just been lucky enough that other people think that us having fun is funny.”


How much longer do you think The New Day will hold onto the WWE World Tag Team Championship?


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