Last week, it was revealed that David Otunga would be doing commentary for WWE on both Main Event and Superstars.

Otunga hasn’t exactly been featured on WWE television very often over the past few years, so it was interesting to see him fall into a role that will allow many of his strengths to shine through.

Apparently, the powers that be feel quite comfortable with his abilities at the announce table that he’ll be filling in for a former WWE Hall of Famer, who has been doing the job for roughly twenty-five years.

Over the weekend, Jerry Lawler was suspended for an incident with his fiancee in a domestic abuse case. The next court date will be on July 1st, so WWE has chosen David Otunga to fill in for The King until then.

There was a lot of speculation that WWE would give that role to Corey Graves and potentially make it a full-time role, but giving Otunga the chance is smart.

Otunga could be very good at it, and NXT doesn’t have to lose Graves in the meantime. WWE officials are giving him three shows a week to do now, and it’s only a few more weeks until the WWE Draft and brand split. It will be interesting to see what WWE does with the SmackDown commentary team over the next several weeks.


Do you think David Otunga will be a good color commentator in WWE?


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