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    Awesome Backstory On The Revolt’s New Names

    Respect the classics. There have been very few wrestlers who have received as much attention for things outside of the ring as the Revolt. Formerly known as the Revival, the...

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  • WWE Stars React to New Day’s New Record

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  • 3 Reasons We’re Struggling To Care About New Day’s Title Record

      Did you know The New Day is on the precipice of breaking the record for longest reign as World Tag Team champions? If you’ve watched wrestling for even a...

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  • Demolition Comments on New Day Potentially Breaking Their Record

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  • Opinion: Some Great Survivor Series Matches

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  • The New Day Will Lose the Raw Tag Team Titles After Accomplishing One More Goal

    After “Clash of Champions” and the rematch on Raw the next night, many within the WWE Universe are wondering why The New Day are still Raw Tag Team Champions. Anderson...

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  • Xavier Woods: “The New Day Isn’t a Gimmick. We’re Just Lucky People Think Us Having Fun is Fun”

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  • Summerslam 1990: A Tag Team Classic

    And a double main event.

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  • KB’s Review: Ascending Into Disaster

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  • Road Warrior Animal Responds to The Ascension

    In a recent post on his official Facebook page, which has since been removed, Road Warrior Animal responds to The Ascension and their negative promo towards the Hall of Fame...

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