The WWE Universe continues to wonder if another run with the company is possible for CM Punk. There has been a lot of bad blood, lawsuits and harsh words on both sides. Regardless, there’s still constant speculation and new rumors about the possibility of the two sides putting their differences aside to make some money.

Punk said a lot of things about WWE and him doing the analyst gig with FOX is a huge indicator that he’s at least reading the terrain. We’ve heard Punk talk about WWE over the last six years. The former WWE Champ has no problem speaking for himself, but wrestling fans are always wondering if Punk is interested in a return to WWE. It seems that Vince McMahon would have to make the first move, but that’s not likely to happen soon.

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According to a report from WrestlingINC, WWE officials are said to be “pretty negative” about the idea of Punk returning for an in-ring return. Wrestling Observer Radio claims that there may be more bitterness on WWE’s side of things than there is on Punk’s side. The perception seems to be that the powers that be might not want to associate themselves with Punk after his run with UFC. It kind of killed his credibility with mainstream fans.

Punk’s official return to wrestling could be under any banner, but it would be in one city:

There’s no doubting that Punk could have been more honest and open about his injuries towards the end of his run. WWE probably shouldn’t have fired Punk on his wedding day and they’ve been less than cool about his legacy. Everyone knows that Punk was WWE Champion for 434 days. What’s really interesting is that he was the top babyface in the business on the 1st day of the reign and was the top heel in the business at the end of it.

That’s complete range of talent in the wrestling business. He didn’t main event WrestleMania, but he reached an elite level of wrestling hierarchy all the same. It’s almost better that he never got it because his whole thing was that he was overlooked. Wrestling fans love to defend the performers who never got their due. Punk’s name is right at the top of that list. That’s why the fans still chant his name despite not being in a ring for six years.

The most exciting part of this situation is that CM Punk knows that he’s a phone call away from working at any wrestling promotion in the world. He’s not wrestling right now because he doesn’t want to. The problem is that if Punk ever picks up the phone and it’s not to WWE, Vince McMahon and co. are going to feel like morons because they let him go. Sometimes, it’s just about picking up the phone. One of them is going to do it someday.

Would a return promo or a WWE Hall of Fame induction be a better play for Punk’s return?


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