The AEW World Championship match with Jon Moxely defending the title against MJF was a rare instance of being so unpredictable that anything could happen. There was speculation after Wednesday’s final segment on Dynamite, which had William Regal in the middle of the frame between MJF and Jon Moxely.

Based on the ending on Dynamite, a lot of fans assumed that William Regal would be the determining factor in whoever won tonight. After the riveting promo between MJF and Regal about their past, it seemed that AEW was building MJF into the great babyface champion the company needs for the future, but he’s aligned himself with the devil.

At AEW Full Gear: William Regal just revealed himself as the devil that was always standing by Jon Moxely’s side

It started towards the end of the match when MJF teased using the ring to get the win, which led Regal to come down to the ring. After a little bit of trickery, Regal slid MJF his own brass knuckles to give him the knockout blow and the victory over Jon Moxely.

MJF has become the AEW World Champion after months of serious build and ended the show doing “snow angels,” which is an obvious nod to CM Punk. Regal and MJF also shared nods of approval from both sides after the title change.

The announcers were heavy on asking questions like, “Was this the plan all along? How long have they been planning this? It appears that William Regal’s role in the main event is the beginning of a greater story. This is an obvious situation for a rematch where MJF has to explain his actions after promising to “do the right thing.”

The obvious never question is what does this mean for the Blackpool Combat Club? How will Jon Moxley respond to William Regal’s betrayal. With Ethan Page and Ricky Starks set for next week, how will the start of MJF’s long awaited World Title run come to pass as we move forward.

Author Will McCormick 

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