Last week, Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal Championship, which could be considered the top title of the industry, and celebrated to end Raw with the WWE Universe chanting “You Deserve It.”

It was a career defining moment for KO to share with the fans, his family, and his peers in the WWE locker room to see someone rise from the gymnasiums of this industry to the very top of the WWE ladder.

As fans, we only get to see what happens in the arena. There is an entirely different world that happens behind the curtain as we know, so what happened when Owens went backstage after winning the title.

He recently spoke with SlamSports about what it was like to walk backstage after winning the title, who greeted him, and what words he exchanged with Vince McMahon.

You can read the full interview right here. Below is what Owens had to say about what happened after Raw:

“There were a couple of people. The first one, I don’t want to just say who it is, but I think people can figure it out. It was very emotional because in a lot of ways, we both achieved this. I don’t know how to describe that. It’s our title, in a way, if that makes any sense.”

“It’s a special moment to get to tell Vince McMahon that you’re not going to regret this and have him say, ‘I’m sure I won’t.’ It was just really something. Jimmy Jacobs, who I’m not sure would be very happy that I mentioned him in this, he works for WWE now and he was there and that was another pretty special moment because he’s seen it from the start, from the moment I got hired until now, he’s there with me every week. We were really close before we got to WWE. For us to share a moment like that, it was pretty cool. Triple H is the reason I’m here. He’s the one who took a chance on me because a lot has been said about how I look and how I don’t have the typical WWE superstar look, even though I feel like over the past three or four years that whole stereotype has been destroyed. Still, it was something that people would always point to as to why they thought I wouldn’t make it in the WWE even if I got hired. Well, not only did I get hired, but last Monday, I won the Universal title and Triple H literally handed it to me. People can say what they want about that, but to me, it was a pretty special moment.”


How long do you think Kevin Owens will be the WWE Universal Champion?


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