Ever since it was reported that Alberto Del Rio was suspended by WWE for his first violation of the company’s wellness policy, rumors have been swirling about his future.

It would seem that all will be answered tomorrow.

According to a report from SuperLuchas.com, Del Rio will be hosting a press conference tomorrow, September 9, in Mexico City. He will be discussing a number of topics, including his recent suspension as well as his future with WWE.

It is unknown at this point whether or not he will be discussing the situation with his real-life girlfriend, Paige. It has been rumored that she has trying to leave the company, and has in fact hired a lawyer to explore her options, and find a way to get out of her WWE contract.

It has also previously been reported that Del Rio is officially finished with WWE, although a statement has not been given by the company. He was supposedly very unhappy with his position, and was promised certain things upon his re-signing that never came to fruition.

Editor’s Note:

I do hope that this press conference means that Del Rio is done with WWE, and that the company officially releases him tomorrow. Although I am a fan of his work, he is not a good fit with WWE, and could make a much better life for himself in another promotion.



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