Becky Lynch is a very strong performer. She has the potential to be a huge star in WWE for many years to come, and she’s built her career in the company by having great matches with the best in the women’s division.

Honestly, there have been big matches where she’s outperformed them. She’s going to get her due and her gold eventually. She’s too good not to, and Triple H will be right there to give it to her when the time comes.

Recently, The Game spoke with 98 FM in Dublin, Ireland during NXT’s tour of the United Kingdom. He gave his opinion on some of Ireland’s talents that work with WWE, which obviously lead to Sheamus and Becky.

You can listen to the full interview right here. Below is what Triple H had to say about Becky Lynch:

“Well because they both have an amazing work ethic. I’ve known Sheamus for a long time, he’s amazingly dedicated, just trains hard and is a sponge for the business. He wants to learn and constantly grow.”

“Becky is the same thing. Becky, from the time I met her and we brought her into the Performance Center, through her time at NXT. Her rate of change and how she’s grown as a performer and a character, just captivated the crowd [with] her energy. I always say Becky’s energy is infectious. You can’t talk to her more than 5 minutes without feeling hyped up and jazzed up. I think that’s what works for her, is her personality. But the thing that helps both of them, and I don’t know if that’s Dublin work ethic or what that is, they’re just very hard workers and that’s what it takes to get to the top of the game in WWE.”


Do you think Becky Lynch deserves a bigger push?


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