When Enzo Amore went down with his severe concussion at “Payback,” hardly anyone was upset that we were robbed of a very good tag team match. In fact, the only thought that was through the minds of most people was about the health of Enzo.

But now that the smoke has cleared, he’s going to be okay, and is recovering; most people are wondering about what to do with Big Cass in the meantime.

Keeping Big Cass off WWE television isn’t a good idea at all. Enzo and Cass had a lot of momentum going into “Payback” since debuting on the main roster a few weeks ago. They’ll get even more momentum when Enzo returns, but there is a huge question mark on when that will be, which leaves Cass hanging on WWE television.

So far, he’s teamed with The New Day and gotten some sympathy promos and segments, but what is the plan for Big Cass to keep the momentum going until Enzo can return?

Well, the obvious is to book Big Cass as a strong face in singles matches. Enzo has been hurt before, and that’s how NXT did it, but this is the main roster. The people will get bored by that pretty quickly. WWE has the option of bringing up Carmella to the main roster as a valet, but she seems determined to make a splash in NXT.

In my opinion, Big Cass should have won last week’s Battle Royal to become the No.1 Contender to Kalisto’s United States Championship. Kalisto would have gotten the win, but that would have been a golden opportunity for Big Cass to show his talent and skill in the ring. That would have been a solid match and people would

That would have been a solid match, and it would have helped Kalisto with a small boost. After that, WWE could have pushed Rusev as a legitimate threat to his title, but it’s too late for that now.

Another idea could be Baron Corbin. The feud with Dolph Ziggler is fun, but it’s not going to do much more than give Corbin a solid win. Big Cass could fill that same role, and it would be fresh because both men would show their hunger and Corbin would still get a solid win.

Big Cass doesn’t need to win a midcard title or huge matches to keep the momentum going, but he does need to have solid matches that prove he’s a serious threat in the ring.

Once he’s established that on the main roster, he’s set. When Enzo returns with the momentum boost, they’ll be ready to challenge The New Day for the Tag Team titles.

Do you think Big Cass should get a singles push while Enzo is injured?


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