The gimmick of The Wyatt Family creates a unique issue for them. WWE has become extremely sensitive to the power of social media, but that doesn’t make sense for The Wyatt Family.

On paper, The Wyatt Family shouldn’t be active on Twitter at all because that’s a “part of the machine” or they should have personal accounts, but trying to keep kayfabe alive is a complicated issue in the modern day.

But in reality, these are everyday people who have the right to use social media as they wish just as the rest of us do every few minutes.

However, Luke Harper recently took that opportunity to address the issue of him portraying a character on television and not keeping kayfabe in an industry that is very sensitive to that part of the business:

Luke Harper posted the following on Twitter about this issue:


There are two different ways of looking at this issue. On one hand, wrestling is Harper’s job, and he should remain in character as much as possible without it really impacting his right to a normal life.

However, he’s out of action with a torn ACL right now, and he’s a human being. You’ve got to do something to fill the time during recovery and wrestling fans can be very intense about things like kayfabe.

Do you think Luke Harper should be silent on social media, or is he right to use it as he sees fit like the rest of us?


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