This morning, Sheamus posted the following Tweet on his birthday revealing a full cast on his left arm:


As of this writing, there is no confirmation on why The Celtic Warrior has a cast on his arm, or how serious the injury is to his arm. The problem is putting an injured arm in a cast typically means that it’s not to be used in a wrestling ring anytime soon.

A betting man would guess that Sheamus will be out of action for at least a few weeks depending on the injury he sustained to his arm.

What’s really unfortunate about Sheamus going down with an injury isn’t just about another wrestler on the main roster going down with an injury, but he’s been the leader and glue of The League of Nations stable. Is the group’s immediate future in jeopardy?

If the former WWE Champion is going to be out through “Fastlane”, it may be a better idea for the League of Nations to disperse and go their separate ways. The stable’s dynamic has always been a little off, and none of the members have WWE Championship gold anymore.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a purpose to the group now unless Sheamus is replaced with another member like Kevin Owens and becomes the new leader.


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