Last night at “Payback”, Ryback challenged Kalisto for the United States Championship in a losing effort on the kickoff show. This was the second straight match on the pre-show where Ryback failed to win the title.

That’s what happened on WWE programming. It seems that a lot more happened behind the scenes because there is now a report that there is a major rift between Ryback and WWE.

According to, Ryback requested to be sent home following a contract dispute between him and WWE. His request was granted, and he is off WWE television for the time being.

Back in October, Ryback appeared on the “Stone Cold Podcast” and acknowledged his upcoming contract negotiations for a new deal with the company.

Fast forward to tonight and it seems that there is a miscommunication or some kind of trouble coming to terms with his role in the company because he’s been very vocal about being dissatisfied with his role.

The Big Guy’s contract is set to expire sometime this summer. If a deal cannot be reached soon, it’s likely that Ryback could be leaving the company for greener pastures.

A lot of new talent has debuted and been signed with the company for the main roster; it’ll be interesting to see how the negotiations go between the two parties.


Do you think Ryback should receive a bigger role in WWE?


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