Total Divas has been very successful for WWE and the E! Network despite what a great deal of the WWE Universe may think about the show and the perception it gives to pro wrestling.

However, WWE’s recent rebranding of the female division as the “Women’s” division has irked some people at E! and now, there may need to be some changes to “Total Divas” to keep the narrative strong.

According to a report from, there has been some debate and some back and forth between the E! Network and WWE because of the latter’s recent decision to eliminate the term “Divas” from their programming.

Apparently, the powers that be for E! and the production company that produces “Total Divas” were unhappy with the change because of how much money and hard work has been put into the name and “Total Divas” brand.

It’s caused a mini-crisis about the show because of all the changes being made to the cast as it is. Now, there is some significant debate about whether or not to change the name of the show.

The word is that WWE officials want the name of the show changed because it would create a conflict in the presentation of women on their show and they eliminated the term “Divas” from their programming for a reason.

However, “Total Divas” ratings have been falling very consistently for awhile now, especially in season five. The company doesn’t want to create tension with the E! Network, and their goal is to keep the show on the air.

Do you think “Total Divas” needs a name change?


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