The original plan for Hell In A Cell was to have Sasha Banks walk out as the Champ.

That’s according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which goes on to say Charlotte would have lost, and then headed into a storyline with Bayley.

Allegedly, Vince McMahon wasn’t in favor of the match closing the show, but Triple H and members of creative were able to change his mind the night before the event.

Furthermore, McMahon is said to have changed his mind again – this time regarding the finish – last-minute, and despite popular online theories, it had nothing to with McMahon feeling Banks in injury prone.

It appears the Hell In A Cell main event had a lot of tweaking prior to the match going live. In fact, Ric Flair recently said two spots planned for the match were abandoned. Although he didn’t say what those spots were, he did say one involved a moonsault.

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