You might remember them. Factions are an easy idea to put together in wrestling as not only do they have a lot of members available, but they can be put together in a hurry. In addition to being an easy to understand concept, they can also be rather efficient, as having so many wrestlers together at once can streamline a lot of things to make them easier. That is not to say that it always works though, and now a not so successful faction is having a reunion of sorts.

Former Nexus member Fred Rosser, formerly known as Darren Young during his time with the team, tweeted that he was working on a Nexus documentary for the WWE Network. The special will be part of the Untold series and will feature the members of the team talking about its history and impact. There is no word on which members will be included in the documentary.

The original Nexus formed in 2010 when the rookies from the first season of NXT came together after the season ended to attack John Cena and CM Punk on Monday Night Raw. Led by Wade Barrett, the team spent most of their existence feuding with Cena, who was eventually forced to join the team. The team finally threw out Barrett out and became known as the New Nexus under CM Punk’s leadership until Money in the Bank 2011 when the team went their separate ways.

Opinion: I mean….why not? Nexus was a cool idea that didn’t exactly reach the heights WWE was hoping for with it but it was absolutely a memorable idea. With a few tweaks, the whole thing could have worked out a lot better than it did, though it did give us more than a few memorable moments. WWE does these documentaries rather well and in theory this one should be no different.

What did you think of Nexus? Who do you want to hear from in the documentary? Let us know in the comments below.

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