Paige isn’t the most popular person in WWE at the moment.

After her second Wellness Policy violation within a short span, Paige is also in need of neck surgery. According to, the respective doctors for Paige and WWE disagree on whether Paige actually needs the procedure. If WWE doesn’t deem it necessary, they might not pay for it.

This is the latest problem for Paige, who (on top of the previously mentioned wellness violations) got into a knife fight with a homeless man, and has been less-than-subtle about her desire to leave WWE. Paige hasn’t had a televised match since June 27 on “Monday Night Raw,” having been out of action due to a neck injury and her first Wellness violation.


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At this point, I have no idea why WWE is keeping Paige around. She’s becoming an embarrassment for the company and clearly doesn’t want to be there anymore. Just let her go run around with Alberto Del Rio and do whatever she wants. She hasn’t been around for nearly four months; it’s not like she’s a valuable asset. Cut the cord and let her burn her bridges as she goes.

What do you think of Paige’s troubles? Should WWE keep her around or cut their losses and let her go? Where would you like to see her wind up? Let us know in the comments below.


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