• One More Time? Paige Teases A Return To WWE

    Not so fast? If there is one thing that I have learned over the years in wrestling, it is to never say never. You may think that something is an...

    NewsApril 2, 2021
  • Paige Still Hopeful About Returning To The Ring

    NewsFebruary 20, 2021
  • WATCH: WWE’s Paige Appears In Epic Music Video

    It’s another career. It is rare for a wrestler to find that much mainstream success outside of wrestling but it does happen occasionally. Since wrestlers are often so tied to...

    NewsFebruary 13, 2021
  • Fan Tries To Sell Paige’s Address, Police Involved

    That’s never good to hear. Wrestlers are an interesting breed as they are on television every single week portraying characters who may or may not be like their real life...

    NewsJanuary 4, 2021
  • Stalker Comes To Paige’s Home And Gets Attacked

    That got serious in a hurry. There are very few wrestlers in WWE with a story as interesting as Paige. She became a breakout star at a young age, became...

    NewsNovember 9, 2020
  • Paige Does Something Awesome To Help Some Fans

    That’s just awesome to see. We are in a bad time around the world at the moment and there is no indication that things are going to get better in...

    NewsApril 28, 2020
  • Here’s Why Paige’s SmackDown Appearance Was Taped

    NewsMarch 23, 2020
  • RUMOR KILLER: Former WWE Champion Not Making Return

    Would anyone notice at the moment? We are in a very strange place at the moment in the wrestling world as things have ground to a halt, though WWE continues...

    NewsMarch 17, 2020
  • Here’s Why Paige Missed Her Advertised SmackDown Appearance

    She would have added something. This week’s SmackDown was a rather unique show as the episode took place at the WWE Performance Center in front of no fans. That isn’t...

    NewsMarch 14, 2020
  • Another Legend Returning At This Week’s SmackDown

    That’s a different one. With WrestleMania 36 right around the corner, it is time to bring in some people to help build the show up. This includes a variety of...

    NewsMarch 10, 2020