So much for that. In the world of wrestling, nothing really compares to WWE. They’ve been the kings of wrestling for well over fifteen years now and no company can really hold a candle to them. It’s not that other companies aren’t trying though. Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor both have their fan bases and WWE seemed interested in taking one of them down. Those efforts are now considered dead.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, any talks of WWE buying Ring of Honor are considered dead. Earlier this year, reports started to surface that WWE had been in talks to buy the company from its parent company SBG. While the reports were never made official, they certainly seem to be done for now.

“From someone on the WWE side with full knowledge of the particulars of how the negotiations were going, at least as of right now, all talks about WWE buying ROH are considered dead. ROH and WWE are still in talks about licensing old content on the WWE Network, but no deal has been made on that.”

Opinion: In other words, everything is back to normal. Maybe there was no truth to the rumors in the first place or maybe everything was completely accurate but either way, so much for that. WWE buying Ring of Honor would have been a big change in the wrestling landscape and in a way I’m glad it fell through. Let Ring of Honor be itself and offer us something different instead of another WWE product.

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Did you want to see the sale go through? Should WWE have bought ROH? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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