You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Whether you are a fan of his or not, there is no one more powerful in all of wrestling than Vince McMahon. He has been on top of the wrestling world for decades and will be until the day he is gone. As a result, anything that he does can change the industry as a whole, either in the long term or the short term. At the moment, part of the short term is not going well for him.

You might have heard about some of the bad news that McMahon has had to deal with as of late. Between all of the stress of having to find ways to keep his television programs running during the Coronavirus epidemic and the XFL closing for the second time, it has not been the most stress free time for McMahon. As it turns out, a lot of people around him have noticed the issues as well.

According to PW Insider Elite Audio by way of, several in WWE have known that McMahon is currently in a horrible mood and it has become something of a running joke in the company. McMahon’s bad mood is mainly said to have come from the XFL folding, which took place suddenly after a promising start to the season. The bad mood may have had something to do with some of the releases that took place last week, as McMahon is said to have suddenly fired people before under such circumstances.

McMahon has done some angry things before. Check out some of the more well known:

Opinion: This is one of those situations that isn’t exactly shocking and is probably going to continue for the time being. While there have been some things going rather well for McMahon as of late, the bad things have been exceptionally bad and might not be getting better for a good while. That can be a bad thing for the rest of the company, and such a shakeup can cause a lot of problems throughout wrestling.

What is your favorite McMahon moment? Would you like to see him on TV again? Let us know in the comments below.

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