Research is required. There have been a lot of people leaving WWE over the last few weeks, with some of them being a little more willing to go than others. While last week saw the huge exodus from WWE, the previous week saw the Revival finally being let go after trying to get away for months. They are out on their own now, though they might not be done rubbing people the wrong way.

Now that the Revival has left WWE, it makes sense that they would no longer be referred to by their WWE names. That is indeed the situation, with Dash Wilder now going by Cash Wheeler, Scott Dawson now going by Dax Harwood and the team itself changing its name to the Revolt. The individual names are rather unique, but that isn’t quite the case with the team name, and someone else doesn’t like it so well.

According to, some North Carolina wrestlers are not happy with the team now going by the Revolt name, as Caleb Konley and Zane Riley have regularly used the name for over five years. There is nothing to suggest that the Revival stole the name, as they are said to have been so much into the WWE loop that they may have not heard of the original Revolt. Konley and Riley have never trademarked or copyrighted the name, meaning there is nothing that can be done about it legally. There is no word on if the Revival will change the new name, but it is not considered likely.

Which one do you like better? Check out both Revolts:

Opinion: This is one of those things where it feels like an honest mistake, but at the same time, Konley and Riley have been using the name for years now. With that kind of a lineage, it would have made sense for them to purchase the rights to the name, just in case something like this happened. The Revival likely did not know the name was being used elsewhere, but protecting the name would have been a smart move.

Did the Revival do anything wrong? Will they change their new name? Let us know in the comments below.

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