They’ve got high hopes. The Coronavirus has changed the way the wrestling world works as the industry is not allowed to have fans in the arenas for their events. That has made for some of the most unique situations in all of wrestling and it is not something that is likely to change anytime soon. It will in the future at some point, and WWE seems likely to have plans in place.

Earlier this month, WWE presented WrestleMania 36, a two night event and the biggest show of the year, in front of no fans. That is the kind of thing that takes a lot of getting used to and it is going to stand out in the history of WrestleMania forever. It didn’t feel like WrestleMania and WWE would be wise to find a way around doing another major pay per view in the same way. That seems to be their plan for the next one.

According to, a fan reached out to the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts, the site of this year’s Summerslam. The arena replied, saying that they have received no updates from WWE, meaning that the event is still scheduled to go on as planned. Summerslam is currently scheduled to take place on August 23. WWE’s next pay per view is Money in the Bank on May 10, which will take place at least partially from Titan Tower in Stamford, Connecticut.

Summerslam has a long history of its own. Check out some of its better moments:

Opinion: I’m not sure if the show is going to take place, but that is four months from now. They might change things up by then, or things might get better enough to allow WWE to run an event. Whether it is a good idea or not, some states are starting to open up again. If that goes well, things might get a lot better by August, but it is something that could go a few different ways.

Do you think Summerslam will take place as scheduled? Where else could it air from? Let us know in the comments below.


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