That’s some efficient usage. WWE is a huge company and therefore they have quite a few interests to go around. This can cause them to have their hands in some rather different things at various times, some of which are better received than others. Every now and then you see something come back again, which seems to be the case with a current SmackDown storyline.

One of the more interesting stories taking place on SmackDown at the moment involves a mysterious hacker. Whoever he or she is, the hacker has been causing a few issues around the show, as they are using their skills to show various hidden footage that exposes the truth about the show. This is something with some potential, but it is also doing something rather interesting online.

According to, the hacker is using a Twitter account which is the former account for the Stand Up For WWE campaign. The account only has one tweet at the moment but also has over 100,000 followers. A search for the hacker’s Twitter handle, @TheMessageWWE, brings up the Stand Up For WWE account. Stand Up For WWE was a campaign started in October 2010, encouraging WWE fans to talk about their love for the company. While not officially connected, it was suspected to be designed to help Linda McMahon in her campaign for United States Senate, which wound up failing.

Remember this? Check out the original campaign plus what the hacker has done so far:

Opinion: This is one of the more bizarre things I can remember in a good time in WWE as there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to do this. Other than inheriting the followers, what is the point of something like this? I get the idea of having an online presence to the angle, but there was no other way to connect to something like this? It’s not a bad thing, but rather just a kind of confusing choice to make.

What do you think of the angle? Who is behind the mask? Let us know in the comments below.

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