It’s like the icing on the cake at the biggest party of the summer. Pay per views are known for their title changes and Summerslam certainly has a ton to choose from in its history. All of the company’s titles have changed hands over the years at the show and there are several great moments over the years.

WWE has put together a list of their top ten title changes in Summerslam history. This is quite the list with a great mixture of modern and older selections. There’s a good chance you can guess what a lot of these are but it’s still fun to go through them one more time, just for old times’ sake. Here’s the list:

SummerSlam championship triumphs - WWE Top 10, Aug. 19, 2017

Opinion: I’m sorry what? So we can have the Money in the Bank cash-in on Daniel Bryan but not Bryan winning the title from John Cena five minutes earlier? That’s not the most logical move in the world. The top spot was never in doubt though as it’s one of the best title changes in wrestling history, let alone just Summerslam.

What would you have at number one? What do you think was missing from the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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