It’s so strange to be at the final show of a decade. That’s a lot of pay per views and we’re going out with….well it’s certainly one that is taking place. Tables, Ladders and Chairs is one of those shows that rarely breaks through a certain level because it’s all about the gimmick matches, all of which we have seen before. As of this writing there is no chairs match and I think that’s for the best all around. Hopefully it exceeds expectations. Let’s get to it.

Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley

We’ll start it off with the T in TLC as the first match in this (very) long running feud is a tables match. Why is it a tables match? Well they took so long to get here for whatever reason and this way we can have a match without someone taking a fall. All that shows me is how messy the whole path to this point has been and I have a bad feeling that it’s not going to get much better.

Here’s your preview:

I’ll take Lashley to win here, as Lana can cost Rusev the win. The problem is that if Rusev wins, a lot of the reason to keep this going goes away with it. At that point he has his revenge and is done with Lana so what is the point in continuing things? Other than that though, the match isn’t likely to be much to see, but that is the case with most tables matches.

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

See, now this is the kind of thing that they need to do around here. These two had nothing going on so let’s throw them into a match against each other. It might not be the most inspired story in the world but I’ll take them doing ANYTHING over sitting around doing nothing all the time. Black and Murphy are both better than that and I’m glad to see them getting to try something else.

They did this before:

That being said, there is no reason for Black to lose here so I’ll take him for the win. He has more potential and more success so far in WWE so hopefully this is the next step for him. That being said, I wouldn’t be complaining whatsoever to see Murphy win, as he certainly has a lot of skills of his own and could be a big star in WWE in the blink of an eye. This is a very potential heavy match and I’m glad to see it taking place.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Kabuki Warriors(c) vs. Charlotte/Becky Lynch

This is another first, though the women’s division has to be running low on things left to do for the first time. The idea here is that the Warriors are a great unit against two great individuals who can’t get along no matter what they do. However, Charlotte and Lynch are ready to fight back against the champs and that could be enough to get the titles away from them.

It would make me want help:

I’m going with the Warriors to retain though, likely through a failed misting attempt and other various forms of violence. I can’t imagine Charlotte just gets misted again as she should be far too smart to fall for it one more time. Hopefully they can show some intelligence before losing, because I don’t think we need to see Becky Two Belts all over again.

Raw Tag Team Titles: Viking Raiders(c) vs. ???/???

I’m really not sure what else can be done for the Raiders until they get to the AOP because there isn’t a team you can really put out there to give them a run for their money. The Street Profits did well on Monday but I don’t think they are going to do that match again (though stranger things have certainly happened before). So the questions are who gets the shot and who leaves with the titles.

They did this once before:

I’ll play it safe here and go with the Good Brothers getting the shot but coming up short. That’s as uninspiring of a team as you can get and even though WWE seemed to spoil the pick earlier in the week (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster were listed in the website code, but that might not be where they go), I’ll stick with something that isn’t all that interesting, even though the Brothers beat the Raiders once before (because….that was necessary).

Smackdown Tag Team Titles: New Day(c) vs. Revival

It’s a ladder match because there isn’t anything else for them to do. Apparently this was supposed to be Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler getting the shot so thank goodness that Roode did something stupid and got suspended so we could have a better match. These four have some crazy chemistry together and it should be cool to see what both teams can come up with in a match like this.

One more time:

Give me New Day to retain here as I have a feeling WWE would rather wait to put the titles on Roode/Ziggler, who they see something in for whatever reason. New Day are the perfect placeholder champions and can go on with whatever you need from them for as long as you need it. Revival are fine champions as well, but they’re right back to the treadmill that they have been stuck on for years now, meaning I don’t see them getting the belts back here.

Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz

The more I think about this match, the more confused I am by the whole thing. The story makes sense, but Wyatt coming after Miz is quite bizarre. I like the idea of having Wyatt himself doing this instead of the Fiend, as no one is going to buy the Fiend being threatened by Miz. The match is likely going to be a disaster, but it’s more annoying to have the story that could be interesting be kept short because Bryan is looming. Bryan is a more interesting challenger, but the Miz story got my attention, at least a little bit.

Come out and play:

Of course Miz loses here, which should leave Wyatt free to….I have no idea what his goal is with Miz’s family actually. Either way, there is no reason to believe that Miz has a chance here and I don’t see the fans exactly getting behind him. They’ve told an intriguing story, but sweet goodness there is no chance of anything happening here, even if they leave the door open for a rematch.

King Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

And here’s your main event, which they set up on Friday night by having Corbin all over the show. I was digging the dog food segment but sweet goodness they have just stopped caring with everything after that. Reigns was humiliated and has a reason to come after Corbin, but that doesn’t mean I need to see them in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. The worst part though: there’s going to be a rematch in a dog collar match, likely at the Rumble, because we’re having to wait on that for the sake of a calendar.

It would make me want to climb a ladder:

I’m thinking Reigns wins here, as they would be glad to have a rematch set up some other way. Thankfully WWE isn’t willing to let Corbin win a lot of these big matches so we might get to hear even more dog jokes on the way to the Rumble. You could also have Ziggler interfere to cost Reigns the match, but I’m hoping that they don’t do anything that stupid. I mean, I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised, but I’ll take Reigns here for the sake of sanity.

Overall Thoughts

To give you an idea of how unimportant this show is, notice that lack of a World Title match. Or a midcard title match. Or ANY singles title match. There are three Tag Team Title matches, making this as unimportant of a show as you can get. I know WWE thinks the weapons are enough to get this over, but I could go for something a little more important than a three title match card with one set of challengers not even announced. I’m sure something will be added, but it isn’t the best sign when you have to wait until the day of the show to get a singles match on the card.

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