I would say this falls into the “never say never” category. The NWA used to be all the rage back in the day but now things have changed quite a bit. While it isn’t exactly what it was before, the NWA is still around and has reached a level they have not achieved in a long time. This includes holding a pay per view event and that means it is time to see what they have in store. Let’s get to it.

Tasha Steelz vs. Thunder Rosa

This is a last minute addition to the card and it certainly feels like one. Rosa is someone that has been pushed rather hard since Powerrr began and she has been treated as a big deal. Steelz is someone you may remember as not doing very much but she is someone who can be put in there for a quick match. I’m not sure how much I would expect from it, but at least the match exists.

Rosa has a different side to her:

I’ll take Rosa here, as she needs to get her feet back a little bit after they did that rather strange series of videos on her losing in mixed martial arts (yeah it was cool, but it was completely different to what she does in her regular appearances). Steelz is someone who could be a nice star down the road, but Rosa is someone who could be a big star right now and that is what the NWA needs at the moment.

Tag Team Titles: Rock N Roll Express(c) vs. Wild Cards

It’s a rematch of the big moment from the first season (Are eight shows a season?) of Powerrr with the Express becoming nine time Tag Team Champions. Now they have to defend the titles that they won in a match which wasn’t all that great in the first place. I’m almost scared of the idea of the Express putting on some big, epic match, but it was cool to see them win the titles one more time at least.

You might need to know something about the challengers:

I’ll go with the Wild Cards winning the titles back here, as there isn’t much of a future in having champions who are both in their 60s. It was a nice moment and all, but losing to the Express hurt the Wild Cards quite a bit. A win could help them get back on their feet, but it might be a little too late. You have to try and see though, as the Wild Cards need to get the titles back.

National Title: Colt Cabana(c) vs. Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

How out of place does a triple threat match feel in the NWA? Anyway, this is an interesting one as you have the popular Cabana, the incredibly gimmicky Stevens and Starks, who looks like a nice prospect. This really is a match that could go any way and that makes things a lot more interesting. I’m actually not sure how this is going to go and that’s a feeling I always like.

This guy has something:

That being said, I’ll go with Cabana retaining here, as he has the highest profile of all three names. Starks would be able to get something out of winning the title, but I’m not sure if he’s ready to go there yet. Stevens is going to be fine with his promos and funny lines alone and Cabana has already lost the title once. Cabana retains here, but it really could go to any of the three.

Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark

Every now and then you find someone who just catches fire in a way beyond all expectations. That is the case with the Question Mark, who has turned into the cult favorite of all cult favorites in the NWA. I know he isn’t going to go anywhere long term, but it’s very smart to go with something that is working at the moment. The NWA needs something to get on the map and maybe the Question Mark can do so in a way.

He’s in here somewhere:

So of course I’ll take the Question Mark to win, though probably not through the cleanest means. There is nothing wrong with giving Question Mark a win here, as Murdoch can bounce right back in a hurry due to being one of the better known names around at the moment. Question Mark isn’t going to last forever so the NWA is doing the right thing by capitalizing while they can, which includes a win here.

Allysin Kay/Ashley Vox vs. Melina/Marti Belle

This is another star power match, but above all else, where in the world do those drum beats come from? Can everyone in the ring hear them? Are they in someone’s head? Why do I think about these things so much? Anyway, Melina getting back in the ring is kind of a big deal, though I’m not sure if she has the kind of star power to make that big of a difference around here.

From fighting to teaming:

I’ll take Melina and Belle to win, likely with Melina pinning Kay to set up a future title match. There is nothing wrong with that in a situation like this so hopefully they get this one right and go with the logical means. Vox is another someone who could be a nice addition to the roster so putting her in there with the biggest name the women’s division has is smart. She isn’t involved in the finish here though and that makes the most sense.

Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson

Here’s your second biggest and likely best match on the card as you can throw two experienced people out there and likely have one of them become the next #1 contender to the World Title. Drake has come off like a star in the NWA with those promos and status as the devil on your shoulder working very well for him. Anderson is Anderson and therefore acceptable, but he is pretty long removed from being a big deal.

He’s no dummy:

That being said, I’m still going with Anderson to win with some cheating. Drake is someone with more potential and likely more help long term, but Anderson is someone with a certain charisma to him and his former WWE/Impact Wrestling status should be enough to carry him here. It’s ok to go with the bigger name at times and that is what they seem to be doing here. Anderson wins.

NWA World Title: Nick Aldis(c) vs. James Storm

It’s the main event with a stipulation of course, as this will be 2/3 falls with both of them getting to pick a referee for each fall. Should it go to a third fall (should…..right), a coin toss determines who will referee the third fall. The cuts from the broadcast hurt this one a bit as their reason for fighting isn’t all that clear. The videos are out there, but it would be nice to have a little better explanation.

The fight before the fight:

Even with all of the stipulations, I’m taking Aldis to retain here as the NWA really seems to love him. I’m not sure I get the huge star in Aldis, but he does indeed have something there. The promos and look are enough to keep him in or near the main event and it’s not like there is anyone else who desperately needs to win the title at the moment. Aldis is as good as they have at the moment, so stick with what works.

Overall Thoughts

I still can’t get my head around the idea that the NWA is running a pay per view and it actually looks good. The promotion is not exactly doing great at the moment with the viewership for Powerrr being pretty weak, but the fact of the matter is they got out there and tried to do something, which is a lot more than so many promotions can do. See if this works and maybe there is a path forward. It’s not like this is going to be any worse than having the promotion sitting around, so maybe it can get them somewhere better, even if it is just a little bit.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has seen over 50,000 wrestling matches. He has also been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 full shows covered. You can find his work at kbwrestlingreviews.com, or check out his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books. His latest book is KB’s Complete 2004 Monday Night Raw Reviews.

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