• Opinion: The One To Defeat Roman Reigns

    It’s no secret that WWE has considered Roman Reigns their top superstar for several years. He has headlined several Wrestlemanias, won multiple championships, and has been involved with every significant...

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  • WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

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  • WrestleMania 38 Night Two Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

    Dang it feels like we only did one of these things yesterday. It is time for the second night of Wrestlemania XXXVIII and they’re actually going to have their work...

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  • WrestleMania 38 Night One Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

    In the words of new WWE Hall of Famer Vader, it’s time. It is time for Wrestlemania XXXVIII and that means the card has finally (and I do mean finally)...

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  • NXT Stand & Deliver 2022 Preview, Thoughts And Predictions

    Welcome back to not quite Takeover and we have an especially big card. Rather than having the usual five match card, this one already has seven, plus some mixed tag...

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  • Elimination Chamber 2022 Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

    It’s time to head back halfway around the world as WWE is returning to Saudi Arabia. This time is a little different though, as the show will feature the Elimination...

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  • Opinion: Everyone, Just Relax – 2022 Royal Rumble Edition

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  • Royal Rumble 2022 Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

    It’s time for things to get serious in WWE and that makes things feel better. WWE tends to know how to get the bigger things right, at least when it...

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  • WWE Day One Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

    We’ve got a new show this week and this time it is based around a new year. I’m not sure how interesting that is for a full pay per view,...

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  • NXT WarGames Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

    Since it’s NXT 2.0, this is pretty much a Takeover without being a Takeover. We still have the double WarGames matches, which have been set up about as well as...

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