Date: July 2, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center, Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

We are two weeks away from the return of fans and that means things might be picking up around here. The big story coming out last week’s show saw the return of Edge as he attacked Roman Reigns. The Money in the Bank title match has since been set so it is time for some heavy talking. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Roman Reigns having no one left to challenge him, leading to the return of Edge.

Here is Edge to get things going. Edge talks about how Wrestlemania was supposed to be the big culmination to his story. Winning the Universal Title ten years to the day of vacating the World Title would be a heck of a story, but then it didn’t happen. That rocked him so he took some time away. Edge has thought about the match since and even watched it back, which he never does. He could complain about a lot of things from that match, just like 2006 Edge would.

Now it’s 2021 and he has learned there are always going to be obstacles. He has spent his entire career breaking down obstacles or he wouldn’t be here right now. The difference is he knows he can beat Reigns, just like Reigns knows it too. Edge has proof, and we look at Edge having Reigns in the Crossface at Wrestlemania, with Reigns’ eyes bugging out. Now look at Edge’s eyes, because he is living in Reigns’ head. He saw it again last week when he surprised Reigns and he’ll do it again at Money in the Bank when he takes the Universal Title.

Paul Heyman is looking on nervously when Jimmy Uso comes in. Jimmy isn’t worried because he has Roman Reigns’ back. When Reigns gets here tonight, they’re going to take Edge out.

Big E./Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin/Apollo Crews

Rick Boogs plays Nakamura, now in black and white, to the ring and Commander Azeez is here with Crews. Before he comes out, we see a video of Corbin talking about how he has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments. Corbin comes to the ring needing a shave and looking like he does not care whatsoever. He’s even growing in some extra hair. Nakamura takes Crews into the corner to start and we get a double Good Vibrations, with Big E. having quite a bit of fun. Crews slips over to the corner where Corbin doesn’t seem to notice.

Corbin gets knocked off the apron though and that fires him up, earning Big E. a toss over the barricade. We take a break and come back with Corbin driving in elbows to Big E.’s head. Crews comes in with a dropkick to put Big E. down again and an enziguri puts him in the corner. Corbin comes back in for a powerslam as Nakamura and Crews knock each other down on the floor. The chinlock goes on but hold on as Boogs makes the announcement that Corbin’s car is being towed. We see said Mercedes being towed, allowing Big E. to hit the Big Ending for the pin at 8:58.

Result: Big E./Shinsuke Nakamura b. Baron Corbin/Apollo Crews – Big Ending to Corbin (8:58)

We look back at Bayley and Seth Rollins beating Bianca Belair and Cesaro last week.

Here’s Bayley for a chat. She is feeling a lot better since she pinned Bianca Belair alst week as it is taking her back to her record setting reign as Smackdown Women’s Champion. They are getting ready to go back on the road in front of fans and Belair has never meant anything to her.

Cue Belair to say that Bayley has gotten in her head. That means it needs to end once and for all, so Belair is going to take everything from her. That’s why at Money in the Bank, she will put her title on the line against Bayley in an I Quit match. Bayley likes this idea because she has never quit anything. If Belair can make her quit, she might quit Smackdown, WWE or competing altogether. Since Belair can’t win, Bayley accepts, with Belair saying she is excited to hear Bayley say she quits.

Jimmy Uso thinks Roman Reigns is waiting on him, so he’s going to set some time aside to call out Edge to end the show.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Last Man Standing and Owens goes right after him in a hurry. The Cannonball connects for five and they head outside, with Sami being whipped into the barricade. Sami comes back with some shots to the face but gets sent over the barricade this time. Back to ringside and Owens hits a Swanton off the barricade for an eight. That means it’s time for Sami to be put onto the announcers’ table, only to pop up and slam Owens onto (not through) it for eight of his own.

We take a break and come back with Owens firing off shoulders in the corner. They go back to the floor with Sami being sent hard into the post and now it’s table time on the floor. Make that two tables as Owens stacks another on top. The superplex through them is broken up to prevent some rather extreme pain though and Sami suplexes him into the corner instead. That’s good for a six and Sami is pulling his hair out in frustration. Sami’s superplex is countered into the spinning superplex to put both of them down again.

They both make it up so Owens takes him into the corner to punch away. Sami gets taken up top but it’s a heck of a backdrop to put Owens through the tables instead. That’s only a nine and Sami is stunned all over again. We take another break and come back again with Sami throwing a table at Owens. They fight to the apron with Sami hitting a suplex to drop him hard. Owens beats the count so it’s a Helluva Kick to make Owens have to beat it again. Sami hits a second Helluva Kick but holds Owens up, saying that this is for everything Owens has done to him.

A third Helluva Kick connects but Owens rolls outside to break the count again. Sami’s diving DDT through the ropes is cut off with a superkick and Owens manages the Pop Up Powerbomb. Since Sami is getting up, it’s a Stunner to plant Sami again, but Owens isn’t done. Owens powerbombs him through the announcers’ table, a regular table and onto the apron to FINALLY put Sami away at 23:31.

Result: Kevin Owens b. Sami Zayn when Zayn could not answer the ten count (23:31)

Edge knows he’s walking into a trap tonight with Jimmy Uso but he doesn’t care because he’s tired of all this.

Rick Boogs offers Baron Corbin a spot on King Nakamura’s team because they could use a chicken ala king. Or maybe Corbin just needs a good night’s sleep in his king size bed. Corbin asks if Boogs thinks this is funny and says screw him before walking away.

Here’s Sonya Deville to name the next woman in the Money in the Bank ladder match: the returning Zelina Vega. She promises to win but here is Liv Morgan to interrupt. Liv says she should be here instead of Vega, who pops up after not wrestling all year and gets a Money in the Bank spot. Vega talks about her experience and promises to win, so Morgan slaps her in the face. The challenge is on and Deville makes the match.

Zelina Vega vs. Liv Morgan

Joined in progress with Vega holding Morgan in a Black Widow and adding a running knee for two. Morgan fights back with a rollup but gets reversed into another one, with Vega grabbing the trunks. The referee catches her so Morgan grabs her own rollup with trunks for the pin at 1:44.

Result: Liv Morgan b. Zelina Vega – Rollup with trunks (1:44)

Seth Rollins isn’t happy with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce giving Edge a Universal Title shot. They point out that Edge is a Hall of Famer with some great credentials, but Rollins can have his own shot. That is if he wins the Money in the Bank ladder match, which he can enter if he beats Cesaro in a qualifying match next week. Rollins laughs a lot before leaving.

Video on Otis’ path of destruction.

Otis vs. Angelo Dawkins

Chad Gable is here with Otis and offers a quick distraction. Otis runs him over and sends Dawkins’ banged up shoulder into the buckle. A hammerlock slam plants the arm again and the middle rope splash into the Vader Bomb finishes Dawkins at 1:59.

Result: Otis b. Angelo Dawkins – Vader Bomb (1:59)

Paul Heyman gives Jimmy Uso a pep talk on the way to the ring.

Here is Jimmy Uso to call Edge out. Cue Edge, who asks Jimmy if he gets what is going on. Jimmy is doing everything Roman Reigns wants, because he is Reigns’ b****. Yeah this is a trap, but it’s a trap for Jimmy. Edge goes to the ring and the fight is on, with Edge sending him shoulder first into the post twice in a row. Jimmy is back with a superkick and a ram into the steps, followed by a bunch of right hands. A big boot cuts Jimmy off and it’s a crossface (with a sleeper for a change) to make him tap. Edge grabs a piece of chair for the regular Crossface to mimic the Wrestlemania photo from earlier to end the show.

Big E./Shinsuke Nakamura b. Apollo Crews/Baron Corbin – Big Ending to Corbin
Kevin Owens b. Sami Zayn when Zayn could not answer the ten count
Liv Morgan b. Zelina Vega – Rollup with trunks
Otis b. Angelo Dawkins – Vader Bomb

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