Ring of Honor
Date: May 27, 2020

It’s time for another Best Of show and this time we’re getting to see a lot of Dragon Lee. I could go for a good bit of that as Lee has some of the most entertaining matches around here for a long time now. They have a nice selection to pick from with Lee so hopefully they pick the right ones. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Dragon Lee video.

Lee welcomes us to the show and thanks us for watching. He throws us to our first match.

From All Star Extravaganza 8.

Dragon Lee vs. Kamitachi

You probably know Kamitachi better as Hiromu Tankahashi. Kamitachi isn’t interested in a handshake to start so they strike it out and go to the mat with neither getting an advantage. They trade flips to escape each other until Kamitachi is sent outside for a suicide dive. Lee may have banged up his knee so Kamitachi is back up with a running sunset bomb to take Lee from the apron to the floor in a huge crash. A running dropkick off the apron drops Lee again and a hard whip sends Lee over the barricade.

We take a break and come back with Lee hitting some running dropkicks to put Kamitachi on the floor again, setting up the big flip dive. A double stomp from the middle rope to the apron plants Kamitachi again and a suplex powerbomb gives Lee two back inside. Kamitachi suplexes him into the corner and they crash to the floor again. They dive back in and strike it out again until Lee kicks him in the face and snaps off a German suplex for two.

We take another break and come back with an exchange of German suplexes with Lee getting the better of things for another near fall. Kamitachi drops him on his head with another German suplex for another two and they’re both staggered. Lee grabs some Rings of Saturn but Kamitachi is too close to the ropes. That sends Kamitachi to the apron and Lee snaps off a running hurricanrana to the floor.

Neither of them can do much but it’s Kamitachi snapping off a Canadian Destroyer for two. Lee forearms his way out of a superplex attempt and now the top rope double stomp connects. A powerbomb is countered into another Destroyer to plant Lee for another near fall. Lee knees him in the head though and grabs the Phoenix Plex (powerbomb but he grabs Kamitachi’s head and drops backwards to send Kamitachi head first into the mat) for the pin at 16:06.

Result: Dragon Lee b. Kamitachi – Phoenix Plex (16:06)

Lee talks about the G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden and how big it was for him.

From the G1 Supercard.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title: Dragon Lee vs. Bandido vs. Taiji Ishimori

Ishimori is defending. The champ gets knocked outside to start and it’s Bandido with a pair of hurricanranas to Lee. The running flip dive takes Lee down but it’s Ishimori back in to crank on Bandido’s neck. Lee hurricanranas Bandido outside as they’re already crazy fast to start. Ishimori moonsaults onto both of them and they all head back in with Lee powerbombing Ishimori for two. Lee’s top rope double stomp is countered by Bandido’s super hurricanrana, earning himself a Canadian Destroyer as Lee popped right back up.

Ishimori knees Lee down but walks into a pop up cutter for two. Now Lee hits the top rope stomp on Bandido but his suplex is countered into a hurricanrana for two from Ishimori. The Bloody Cross gets two on Lee and they head up top with Bandido on his feet as well. Bandido catches them both for a super double floatover fall away slam (Cabana: “THAT’S NOT A REAL MOVE!!!”).

After two on Lee, Bandido hits….something on Ishimori that we miss because the camera was looking at the crowd looking at itself on the screen. Lee knees Ishimori to the floor and hits a fisherman’s suplex powerbomb on Bandido for the pin and the title at 8:56.

Result: Dragon Lee b. Bandido and Taiji Ishimori – Suplex powerbomb to Bandido (8:56)

Then it was time to go after the TV Title against the monster Shane Taylor.

From Final Battle 2019.

TV Title: Shane Taylor vs. Dragon Lee

Taylor is defending and has all of his goons with him. Lee dropkicks him into the corner but charges into a spinebuster. That doesn’t seem to matter as he dropkicks Taylor to the floor, only to get slammed onto the apron. Taylor sends him into the barricade and then chokes on the apron for a bit as the beating begins. The big legdrop gets two and Taylor tells him to do something.

Lee dodges a charge in the corner and kicks Taylor to the floor for a heck of a suicide dive. An even bigger no hands flip dive takes him down again and a running dropkick in the corner gives Lee two. Some running strikes to the face have Taylor on the apron so Lee snaps off a top rope double stomp. Another top rope double stomp gets two….so Lee slaps him in the face.

Taylor knocks him right back down and a clothesline turns Lee inside out. The package piledriver gives Taylor two and a German suplex drops him again. Lee gets in a kick to the head in the corner though and the Alberto top rope double stomp gets two. Taylor snaps off Greetings From 216 for another near fall and the frustration is strong.

With nothing else working, Taylor pulls out a chain but Lee is back up to knock it away. Lee is right back with a knee to the face, a Canadian Destroyer and another running knee with the chain wrapped around it for two. The knee pad comes off and another running knee (bone to skull) gives Lee the pin and the title at 14:34.

Result: Dragon Lee b. Shane Taylor – Running knee (14:34)

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