Ring of Honor
Date: June 30, 2021
Location: UMBC Event Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

We are rapidly approaching Best In The World and a lot of the card has either already been made or is pretty obvious. That is not a bad thing either, but we also have to set up the rest of the Survival of the Fittest tournament. In other words, you can feel things getting interesting around here again and that is a very nice thing. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to the show and runs down the card, which will be headlined by the Survival of the Fittest finals.

Here’s how all six of the finalists qualified.

But first, this.

Matt Taven vs. Dutch

Dutch has Vita Von Starr and Bateman with him. Taven goes straight at the monster to start and gets shoved down without much effort. Some heavy forearms to the chest have Taven in trouble but Dutch’s powerslam is broken up. A dropkick has no effect on Dutch, who runs Taven over to send us to a break. Back with Dutch taking it outside for a whip into the barricade.

Vita adds some choking but here is Maria Kanellis-Bennett to order her to the back. With that out of the way, Taven spin kicks him to the floor for the big suicide dive. The Flight of the Conqueror takes Dutch down again, setting up Aurora Borealis….for one, with Taven being stunned. Taven flips out of what looks like a spinning Boss Man Slam, setting up the Climax. That’s enough for Bateman to pull Taven outside and take him out for the DQ at 11:09.

Result: Matt Taven b. Dutch via DQ when Bateman interfered (11:09)

Post match, Vincent comes out to dance as Bateman beats on Taven. Mike Bennett comes in for the brawl but the Righteous gets the better of things. Security breaks it up.

Post break, Vincent talks about how Matt Taven wants everyone to cheer for him but one day, he’ll have nothing left. Dig what he’s saying? Taven looks a bit crushed.

Jay Briscoe is ready to knock Mark Briscoe out in the Fight on the Farm. He let Mark have the win at the 500th episode and now it’s time to knock him out like he always has.

Survival of the Fittest: Demonic Flamita vs. Brian Johnson vs. Eli Isom vs. Bandido vs. Rhett Titus vs. Chris Dickinson

Elimination rules and the winner gets a future World Title shot. During the entrances, everyone gets a quick promo about how they’re going to win and what it means to them. Bandido and Flamita trade the kicks to start before falling outside, meaning Dickinson and Titus can come in. Dickinson headlock takeovers him down but Titus is back up with a suplex for two. Isom comes in and goes to the mat with Titus for some grappling. It’s off to Johnson to come in and chop it out with Isom, who sends him into the corner with a backdrop.

Johnson sends Isom outside but gets dropped by Bandido. The big dive is loaded up but Bandido has to grab Flamita, meaning it’s a huge backflip World’s Strongest Slam onto the pile. Back in and Bandido kicks Johnson down, only to be rolled up by Bandido for the elimination at 4:48.

Flamita isn’t done though as he jumps Bandido and puts him through the timekeeper’s table. Some chair shots crush Bandido even worse, drawing out Rey Horus for the save. We take a break and come back with Isom armdragging Johnson into an armbar but his belly to belly is broken up. Johnson whips him hard into the corner and talks about how Isom has all of seven people in Indiana cheering for him.

That’s enough to fire Isom up for a release northern lights suplex but the referee gets bumped, allowing Johnson to get in a poke to the eye. The hanging cutter out of the corner sets up the Process….but Isom rolls outside. Dickinson comes in but Johnson bails to the floor, allowing Titus to come in for the dropkick to Dickinson. Johnson comes back in but gets suplexed by Titus for two. Another dropkick sets up a running boot in the corner to rock Johnson again and the top rope knee finishes Johnson at 12:55. Dickinson comes in to go after Titus’ knee, setting up a kneebar for the fast tap at 13:28.

The rather banged up Bandido gets back in so Dickinson Saito suplexes him for two. Dickinson stays on the bad arm but Bandido pops back up with some shots of his own. The threat of a cross armbreaker has Bandido on the floor so here’s Isom to win a slugout. That doesn’t seem to hurt Dickinson for the most part until a superkick staggers him. That’s enough for Bandido to come in with the 21 Plex to get rid of Dickinson at 18:55.

We’re down to Isom vs. Bandido and after a break, the slugout is on. Isom gets two off a sidewinder suplex and the Rings of Saturn goes after the arms. Bandido grabs the rope and frustration has set in. The Promise is blocked though and Bandido hits the X Knee but the arm gives out on the 21 Plex. Isom grabs an Air Raid Crash for two but the Promises is broken up again. Instead Isom settles for two off a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The Promise is broken up yet again and this time Bandido takes him down into something like a reverse cross armbreaker/Koji Clutch hybrid (Isom’s arm is WRENCHED back) for the win at 23:51.

Result: Bandido won Survival of the Fittest last eliminating Eli Isom (23:51)

Respect is shown and Bandido celebrates to end the show.

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