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Wrestling Society X
Date: January 30, 2006
Location: WSX Bunker, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Bret Ernst, Kris Kloss

Thanks a lot people. This is what I get for agreeing to do almost any show ever. Wrestling Society X was a short lived (as in ten half hour episodes) concept of an underground wrestling organization that wrestled in a bunker (kind of a forerunner to Lucha Underground) but also tied in musical acts. The gimmicks were insane to the point where the show was taken off the air for being too insane. This is a one off as I have no desire to ever do more than a single episode. Let’s get to it.

The announcers welcome us to the show and hype up the WSX Rumble for the right to fight of the WSX Title next week.

Matt Sydal vs. Jack Evans

Yeah you see some big names in here. The ring announcer is one of those guys who feels the need to shout EVERY SINGLE WORD. Sydal has Lizzy Valentine (an indy wrestler) in his corner. Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde is on commentary to tie into the music concept. Sydal kicks him away to start as the announcers explain how wrestling works. Wylde panics over the idea of someone being sent to the floor and a big flip dive drops Evans again.

We get the required discussion of how hot Lizzie is and Sydal kicks him in the face for two. A Gory Stretch with Sydal leaning Evans down and pulling on his head for good measure looks rather impressive but Jack slips out and kicks him down. The cartwheel into a flip dive drops Sydal again so Sydal comes back with a pumphandle driver (inverted powerbomb according tot he annoying announcers) for two. Lizzy grabs the foot and gets dragged inside, allowing Evans to hit a tornado DDT into the 630 for the pin at 3:21.

Rating: C. Nice high flying match here (typical indy style but not bad) but the commentary was rather annoying. Wylde was losing it for every move and didn’t exactly come off as anything but a guy watching wrestling for the first time. If you don’t hype up what he does, what’s the point in tying him in to a wrestling show? But yeah, Sydal looked good here, as you would expect.

Video on some tag teams coming to WSX:

Doin It For Her (Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black, the latter of whom is better known as Seth Rollins)

Trailer Park Boyz (Nate Webb and Josh Evans)

And that’s it. Ok then.

Justin Credible is ready to have his night.

New Jack promises to beat Hamrick up.

Teddy Hart is the past, present and future of wrestling.

Kaos (nobody) and Aguliera are focused.

We go over the rules for the Rumble, which has 45 second intervals, over the top eliminations, and tables, live electrical wires and an EXPLODING STEEL CAGE at ringside. Oh and despite there being over the top rope eliminations, you have to pull down contracts above the ring to win, with the two winners facing off for the title next week.


WSX Rumble

Justin Credible is in at #1 (of ten) and Teddy Hart is in at #2. Hart throws a bottle at him and scores with a dropkick to start. That earns him a superkick and a crotch chop as the announcers hype up the explosives. A springboard moonsault takes Credible down and it’s Kaos in at #3. Hart and Credible double team him, which Wylde doesn’t understand. A shooting star press/backbreaker combination drops Kaos again and here’s Vampiro (billed as a WCW Champion, which is true but misleading as he was a one time Tag Team Champion) in at #4 to clean house.

Back from a break with Puma (the future TJP) having come in at #5 and been eliminated almost immediately, plus Alkatrazz in at #6. That goes nowhere so 6-Pac (X-Pac of course) is in at #7. X-Factors abound as Sydal calls 6-Pac a gentleman and it’s Hamrick (a southern guy) is in at #8, wearing street clothes because New Jack is chasing him around. New Jack comes in (I believe at #9 but he might just be here) and knocks Hamrick through a table for the elimination.

New Jack is eliminated for some reason so he comes back in with the guitar and breaks it over the referee’s head, freaking Wylde out even more. Vampiro powerslams Kaos as New Jack beats Hamrick up a bit more. Cue Luke Hawx to suplex Kaos into the wire for an elimination, right before New Jack dives onto Hamrick to put him through a table. Youth Suicide completes the field at #10 in his first professional match. Hart is tossed out and we have ladders now, though I’m not sure if eliminations are still a possibility.

We’re down to Credible, Vampiro, 6-Pac and Youth Suicide as Alkatrazz was eliminated somewhere around the explosion. Suicide goes up but gets powerbombed onto some tacks so 6-Pac gets the first contract. Wylde goes to ringside as Suicide goes up, only to have Credible shove him into the exploding cage. Credible and Vampiro go up with Vampiro winning a really lame slugout and pulling down the other contract for the win at 12:17.

Rating: F. WOW. I actually sat there for a second with my jaw hanging open at how horrible this was. This was the same nonsense where someone looked at ECW without realizing what made it work (as much as it did work) in the first place and thinking they could do any of this stuff. Just complete garbage here going for shock value instead of any kind of skill, which isn’t exactly surprising given the concept of the show.

The show is off the air less than three seconds after the match ends.

Overall Rating: F. This show ran 19:18 and I feel like I’ve wasted that much of my time. The opener was watchable at best but this was terrible overall, with the “names” not exactly putting in effort and a main event concept there for shock value rather than anything worthwhile. It’s not surprising that the show got canceled so fast and that’s best for everyone. There is talent on the roster, but everything else is such a mess that it doesn’t matter whatsoever. This wasn’t wrestling, at least for the most part.

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