Monday Night Raw
Date: August 22, 2022
Location: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

We’re still north of the border and this time there is a special treat for the hometown crowd. Edge is going to be facing Damian Priest for the big homecoming match and that should be a heck of a fight. Other than that, we should be seeing the continuing adventures of Dexter Lumis, plus any other possible returns. Let’s get to it.

We open in the back with Riddle and Seth Rollins brawling in the Gorilla Position. They are separated by security but brawl into the arena to keep it going. More brawling leads to more separations until they’re finally held apart on the ramp, much to the fans’ annoyance.

Here is hometown legend Trish Stratus for a chat. The fans seem rather happy to see her and Trish seems overwhelmed by the reception. The ONE MORE MATCH chant starts up and Trish has been thinking….but here are Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky to interrupt. We take a break and come back with Bayley talking about how awesome it is to have Trish back, but why is she here?

Through translation, we hear about Sky being a huge fan but Bayley still wants to know why Trish has been after them over the last few days. Cue Bianca Belair to say Bayley isn’t in the same stratosphere. Bayley still isn’t convinced so Trish takes off her jacket. Asuka and Alexa Bliss come out to uneven the odds so Bayley and company are ready to leave but it’s time for a match.

Women’s Tag Team Title Tournament: Asuka/Alexa Bliss vs. Dakota Kai/Iyo Sky

Asuka knocks Kai outside and then off the apron for a bonus as we take an early break. Back with Bliss getting out of trouble and handing it back to Asuka to face Sky. They circle each other and trade kicks to the face, with Asuka getting the better of things. Bliss comes back in to knock the villains outside, setting up a big dive to the floor. A cheap shot cuts her off though and we take a second break.

We come back again with Asuka striking away at Sky for two as Aliyah, Doudrop and Nikki Ash are watching in the back. Sky gets over to the apron for a springboard missile dropkick, allowing Kai to come back in with a scorpion kick. Bliss makes the save and hits a double DDT but Kai breaks up some kind of stretch from Asuka.

Bliss makes the save and tries Twisted Bliss but only hits raised knees. Asuka tags herself in though and hits some spinning backfists to Kai. A blind tag brings Sky back in but Asuka doesn’t realize it, meaning Kai tapping to the Asuka Lock doesn’t matter. Instead, Sky comes in for the rollup pin at 18:34.

Result: Dakota Kai/Iyo Sky b. Asuka/Alexa Bliss – Rollup to Asuka (18:34)

Dolph Ziggler is ready to bounce back after his loss to Theory but Judgment Day interrupts. Finn Balor doesn’t think much of Ziggler attaching himself to another up and comer to stay relevant. Ziggler slaps him down and heads to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finn Balor

Rhea Ripley is here with Balor. An early superkick attempt is blocked and Ziggler is sent into the corner, allowing Balor to talk trash. Ziggler gets whipped hard into the corner and we take an early break. Back with Ziggler getting an elbow up in the corner and hammering away with some right hands.

The Fameasser is countered into a sitout powerbomb for two but Ziggler is back with his DDT for the same. The second Fameasser attempt connects for two and they’re both down for a bit. It’s Balor up first with the shotgun dropkick but the Coup de Grace misses. The Zig Zag gets a very near fall and it’s time to slug it out. Ziggler’s headbutt knocks Balor silly but Ripley gets in a cheap shot. 1916 sets up the Coup de Grace to finish Ziggler at 12:57.

Result: Finn Balor b. Dolph Ziggler – Coup de Grace (12:57)

Aliyah brags about being the bougie bada** but Bayley and company come in and mock her for showing up alone. Trish Stratus comes in to ask when Bayley is getting back in the ring. Bayley vs. Aliyah is set for tonight. Bayley and company leave, with Adam Pearce and some security looking at some photos and walking the other way.

Here is Alpha Academy to accept new students. The search is starting here in Toronto but all Chad Gable can find is a bunch of toothless hockey players at Tim Hortons. The Toronto Mapleleafs lost a hockey game to a team from Tampa Bay and they don’t even have hockey! So send me your best Toronto….and here we go.

Kevin Owens vs. Chad Gable

Gable gets knocked outside to start as the fans are WAY behind Owens. Back in and Gable’s headlock is broken up, allowing Owens to hit a hard clothesline. It’s too early for the Cannonball so Gable rolls outside. A t-bone suplex drops Owens again and two more drop him on the apron as we take a break.

Back with Owens hitting a Cannonball and dropping Gable onto his knee. Owens goes up, while favoring his own knee, and hits a frog splash for two. The Pop Up powerbomb and Stunner are both countered, with the latter being reversed into a bridging German suplex to give Gable two. Gable hits a top rope headbutt for two of his own so he takes Owens up top. That means the swinging superplex can give Owens a delayed two but the Swanton hits knees. Back up and a superkick sets up the Pop Up powerbomb to finish Gable at 11:07.

Result: Kevin Owens b. Chad Gable – Pop Up powerbomb (11:07)

Post match Otis jumps Owens and gets Stunned for his efforts. Then Owens powerbombs Gable onto Otis for a bonus.

Judgment Day mocks the Mysterios, with Finn Balor saying Dominik might be enjoying getting beaten up by Rhea and declaring Rey “6 1 Mine”. Damian Priest promises to send Edge back into retirement.

Bayley vs. Aliyah

Aliyah rolls her up for to and the Matrish sets up a hiptoss. A running crossbody in the corner hits Bayley and a hurricanrana brings her back out for one. Bayley grabs her by the ear and pulls her into a chinlock, only to be armdragged down. Aliyah gets sent into the corner for some shots to the head and the chinlock goes on again.

Back up and Bayley mocks Trish’s pose but what looks to be a Stratusfaction attempt is broken up. Aliyah slides to the floor and hits a sitout bulldog, which is about as she is getting to being Trish. Back in and the half crab keeps Bayley in trouble but she’s right back up. The Rose Plant finishes Aliyah at 6:32.

Result: Bayley b. Aliyah – Rose Plant (6:32)

Miz/Ciampa vs. AJ Styles/Bobby Lashley

Styles dropkicks the heck out of Ciampa to start and hands it off to Lashley. A double suplex is loaded up but Styles steps to the side, allowing Lashley to hit his own delayed vertical. Miz comes in and Lashley gets to wreck things again, including tossing both villains to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Styles in trouble and Ciampa putting on a chinlock. Styles fights out of trouble and hands it back to Lashley, meaning house can be properly cleaned. A DDT/Downward Spiral combination plants the villains but Ciampa rolls outside before the spear. Lashley posts Ciampa and clotheslines Miz, but the distraction lets Ciampa hit Willow’s Bell for two.

Lashley is back up with the spear so Miz has to make a save. Styles is knocked outside where security pulls someone (definitely NOT Dexter Lumis) away. Then on the other side of the ring, Lumis appears and pulls Miz over the barricade and through the crowd for the DQ at 13:52.

Result: Miz/Ciampa b. AJ Styles/Bobby Lashley via DQ when Dexter Lumis interfered (13:52)

Post match Ciampa gets beaten up, including a Phenomenal Forearm and spear. Replays show Miz being taken away, including several closeups of Lumis and commentary mentioning him by name.

Video on Edge.

And now, here’s Johnny Gargano, complete with the REBEL HEART theme. The fans get in their JOHNNY WRESTLING chant and Gargano seems rather happy with his reception. Gargano gives us a brief history of his NXT success but he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to do this again over the last nine months. He has been a father to Baby Wrestling (Gargano: “He’ll appreciate that when he gets older.”) and now he remembers what he has always wanted to do. Gargano wants to win every championship and go to Wrestlemania and now it is time to continue with his dreams.

Cue Theory (who was kind of Gargano’s idiot son in NXT), with Gargano being pleased to see him. Fans: “WHO’S YOUR DADDY!” Theory asks what Gargano has been doing for the last nine months, which Gargano says includes changing a lot of diapers. Now though, Theory has the briefcase and has done everything Gargano wanted to do. He couldn’t do what he did without Gargano (who appreciates that) but now it’s like Theory is the veteran and Gargano is the rookie.

Theory thinks Gargano can even carry his bags. Or maybe just the briefcase. Theory: “Maybe I can show you The Way!” With that reference to their NXT group out of the way, Theory wants to do their old high five and tells Gargano to hit him with it. That earns Theory a superkick and Gargano does a self high five before leaving.

The Women’s Tag Team Title match is next week, as is Kurt Angle.

Edge vs. Damian Priest

Edge is the hometown boy and in very Canadian tights to hammer the point home. Priest powers him into the corner to start but Edge sends him outside. That means it’s time to slow things down and Edge gets in a few shots, only to be taken outside again. A powerbomb onto the barricade knocks Priest silly and we take a break.

Back with Priest missing something off the top and being sent outside again for a huge top rope dive. Priest is fine enough to Razor’s Edge Edge through the announcers’ table and we take a break. Back with Edge hitting a super hurricanrana but the spear is countered with a kick to the head.

An Unprettier gives Priest two (and allows Graves to make a bit of a veiled reference to Christian) and he’s annoyed at the kickout. Priest loads up a spear but charges into a South of Heaven chokeslam to give Edge two, with commentary saying they know each other so well from their time together in Judgment Day. As you remember that was about a month long, Edge gets kicked into the referee and Priest hits his own chokeslam.

It’s time for a chair, which Edge takes away and breaks off to set up the Crossface with the bar in Priest’s mouth. Since that means nothing, Edge loads up a spear, which is cut off with a bar to the head for two. Another Razor’s Edge is countered into a Canadian Destroyer and Edge hits the spear for the pin at 19:34.

Result: Edge b. Damian Priest – Spear (19:34)

Post match Edge loads up a Conchairto but Rhea Ripley comes in with a low blow. Finn Balor adds the Coup de Grace and the chair is loaded up but Beth Phoenix takes it from Ripley. Phoenix holds the three off with the chair to end the show.

Iyo Sky/Dakota Kai b. Asuka/Alexa Bliss – Rollup to Asuka
Finn Balor b. Dolph Ziggler – Coup de Grace
Kevin Owens b. Chad Gable – Pop Up powerbomb
Bayley b. Aliyah – Rose Plant
Miz/Ciampa b. AJ Styles/Bobby Lashley via DQ when Dexter Lumis interfered
Edge b. Damian Priest – Spear

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