That might slow things down. Celebrities have been part of wrestling for decades now and it makes a lot of sense. Wrestling is its own universe and people involved in it like no one would anywhere else. There is something fascinating about seeing outsiders come in and see what they can do in that world. If the celebrity is an athlete it makes things more interesting and if they are a little out there, it is even better. That was the case recently, but now there may be a delay.

There are few celebrities who have managed to jump into wrestling for a successful short stint like Mike Tyson. A legendary boxer, Tyson may be equally well known for his eccentric behavior, which makes him fit perfectly in the insane world of wrestling. That was the case in the Attitude Era and AEW looked interested in trying something to do something similar. However, that might not be happening for a good while.

According to, Tyson will be facing Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition boxing match on September 12. Back in May, Tyson appeared with AEW and teased a match with Chris Jericho, but nothing was ever officially announced. While not guaranteed, this could make it unlikely that Tyson will be doing anything with AEW until after that date. AEW’s next pay per view, All Out, is scheduled for September 5.

Tyson was interesting during his time in AEW. Check out what he has done there:

Opinion: I can’t say I’m surprised by this as there had been rumors of Tyson coming out of retirement, even for something like this, for several months now. That is going to bring Tyson far more money and attention than wrestling a match with Jericho. It would be a big story for AEW but for Tyson it would seem to be “what is he doing now”. The boxing is better for him, as wrestling can be there later on.

Do you want Tyson in wrestling? Will he and Jericho ever have a match? Let us know in the comments below.

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