Main Event
Date: May 30, 2019
Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Commentators: Renee Young, Byron Saxton

It’s back to the recap show and as usual, that could mean a little bit of anything. Main Event has become one of the more interesting shows around, though not for the good reasons. What makes this show so interesting is seeing how much of a mess they can turn a simple recap show into, which doesn’t bode well for this week. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Cedric Alexander vs. EC3

EC3 wastes no time in chopping away in the corner. Cedric kicks him in the face and heads to the apron but a springboard is broken up. A whip into the corner sets up a flipping neckbreaker for two on Cedric and we hit the chinlock.

Cedric fights up and gets two off a sunset flip before a double clothesline gives us a double knockdown. Some right hands and an elbow to the face have EC3 in more trouble but the springboard Downward Spiral is blocked. EC3’s forward DDT gets two and he crotches Cedric on top. The top rope superplex gets two….and Cedric flips out of a belly to back suplex, setting up the Lumbar Check for the pin at 5:51.

Result: Cedric Alexander b. EC3 – Lumbar Check (5:51)

From Raw.

Here are Lesnar and Heyman again because the announcement didn’t come earlier. There’s a referee out there this time too because Heyman says it’s time to make his announcement. Before that can go anywhere, here’s Rollins to cut him off. Rollins says the title is his life as Lesnar laughs about the briefcase. Lesnar makes a mockery out of the title because he’s a joke. Seth stomped Lesnar at Wrestlemania and he can do it again right now.

This is Lesnar’s chance so Seth implores him to cash it in. Heyman reads the contract to the referee but Lesnar covers the mic after hearing that he has a year. Brock: “I GOT A YEAR???” And he slaps Heyman with the contract. Heyman: “DIDN’T YOU KNOW?” Lesnar: “NO!” Lesnar actually takes the mic and says screw Rollins before walking away.

Maybe he should learn the rules:

From Raw.

The Miz vs. Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Baron Corbin

Elimination rules and the winner gets Rollins at Super ShowDown. It’s a brawl to start with Lashley and Strowman quickly clearing the ring to set up their big staredown. Lashley leapfrogs him but gets caught by the throat. That’s powered away but Strowman gets the grip back on his throat, only to have Corbin make the save. Miz comes back in and kicks Lashley and Corbin down, only to miss the big one of course.

Corbin belly to back suplexes Miz for two but a superplex attempt is broken up. Naturally that sets up the Tower of Doom with Strowman powerbombing everyone down and getting a bunch of two counts. Everyone heads outside with Lashley breaking up Strowman’s running shoulder around the ring. Strowman gets suplexed onto the ramp and we take a break. Back with all four still in and Miz getting double teamed this time around. Lashley chokes on the rope but Miz fights back, only to get caught in Deep Six for two.

Strowman is back in and hits the running splashes to Corbin and Lashley and it’s time to go outside. Lashley dives onto Strowman to take him out and they fight into the crowd. Corbin comes back in but gets sunset flipped to give Miz two. Miz fires off the kicks but charges into the End of Days for the pin at 16:14….which gives Corbin the win and the title shot because Strowman and Lashley were eliminated when they went into the crowd?

Result: Baron Corbin b. The Miz, Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman – End of Days to Miz (16:14)

It’s a night of not knowing the rules:

We see Dolph Ziggler laying out Kofi Kingston on Smackdown and his post beatdown promo.

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House with Bray holding up a paper plate mask. He finds it hard to be brave sometimes but when he hides behind the mask, everything is ok. Abby asks why Bray is a sicko but Bray insists that it’s not true. Is Bray a doctor now? A light bulb literally goes off about his head and Bray is now in a doctor’s outfit so he can diagnose Abby as a bully. Abby doesn’t want to be stuck in this limbo anymore….so Bray breaks out a limbo pole and spider walks underneath it while saying his catchphrase.

And now it has a name:

Zack Ryder/Curt Hawkins vs. Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson

Non-title. Ryder and Anderson start things off with Karl being taken into the corner so Ryder can hit a running knee to the chest. Hawkins comes in for and gets caught in the corner as the champs are in trouble. Gallows adds some headbutts and we take a break with Ryder making the comeback as we seemed to have missed a good bit of the match.

The middle rope dropkick allows the hot tag to Hawkins for some middle rope dropkicks. The Michinoku Driver gets two on Anderson, who comes right back with a side slam for two of his own. Ryder is back in though, allowing Hawkins to hit an enziguri on Anderson. A Samoan drop/middle rope flipping neckbreaker finishes Anderson at 6:51.

Result: Zack Ryder/Curt Hawkins b. Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson – Samoan drop/middle rope flipping neckbreaker combination to Anderson (6:51)

Video on Randy Orton vs. HHH.

Roman Reigns/R-Truth vs. Elias/Drew McIntyre

Truth is banged up and the 24/7 Rules are suspended. Hang on as Elias, McIntyre and Shane jump Truth during his entrance. Reigns helps beat up Elias and McIntyre as Shane gets stared up the ramp. The bell rings and Shane offers a distraction so Elias can hammer away on Reigns in the corner. The neck crank has Reigns in early trouble until a Samoan drop breaks things up. Truth actually comes in so it’s a Glasgow Kiss to cut him off in a hurry. Drew whips him into the barricade and we take a break.

Back with Truth still in trouble as Elias and McIntyre take turns beating on him. Truth manages to send Drew outside though and the diving tag brings in Reigns for a nice reaction. The corner clotheslines and a big boot drop Elias as everything breaks down. The apron boot hits Elias but Reigns has to punch Shane in the face. Drew misses the Claymore on the distracted Reigns and it’s a spear to finish Elias at 10:44.

Result: Roman Reigns/R-Truth b. Elias/Drew McIntyre – Spear to Elias (10:44)

Post match Reigns has an idea and spears Elias again so Truth can win the title back.

Here’s what the title means:

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