Impact Wrestling
Date: August 9, 2019
Location: St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

We’re still in Canada and in that weird period as the fallout from Slammiversary is over but it’s still way too early to set up Bound For Glory. Last week saw the continuation of Tessa Blanchard vs. OVE and the rise of Rhyno, who is back and feuding with Michael Elgin. I’m not sure what to expect this week so let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

X-Division Title: Aiden Prince vs. Jake Crist

Prince is challenging and the fans are rather behind him. Crist gets sent outside early on but manages a kick to the face to cut off the dive. They fight on the apron with Crist hitting a Death Valley Driver to knock Prince silly. Back in and it’s off to a reverse Rings of Saturn to keep Prince in trouble, followed by a shot to the head for two. Jake chokes in the corner for a bit and plants him with a suplex for no cover. A spinning kick to the head gets two but Prince is right back with a middle rope tornado DDT.

The 450 hits knees to give Crist two more but Prince is right back up with a reverse hurricanrana for his own two. Crist heads outside and gets taken down by a dive, only to have Prince get superkicked out of the air when he tries another. Back in and Prince gets crotched on top but manages a suplex to get a breather. The 450 connects this time for another near fall and Prince goes up top, where he dives straight into a cutter to retain the title at 10:57.

Result: Jake Crist b. Aiden Prince – Cutter (10:57)

Konnan gives Daga a pep talk before he teams with Ortiz tonight to challenge for the Tag Team Titles. Ortiz comes in and whatever he is drinking is blurred out. Daga seems to think that Ortiz isn’t serious enough. Blurred things go towards their mouths.

Taya Valkyrie isn’t happy with the idea of having to defend her title again.

Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin

Austin recently hit on Eddie’s wife, sending him over the edge but she didn’t seem to like Eddie standing up for her. Eddie knocks him outside to start and hits a slingshot dive as the beating is on in a hurry. Back up and Austin does his handstand on the apron into his kick to the chest to put Eddie down for a change. Since Eddie is a bit off though, he drops Austin back and face first onto the apron.

We take a break and come back with Eddie hitting a suicide dive, only to have Austin get in a baton shot for two. Ace even busts out the playing card to cut Eddie’s finger. That earns himself a powerbomb so Austin begs off, asking what Alisha would think of this. That earns him the Boston Knee Party and a big beatdown draws the DQ at 9:54.

Result: Ace Austin b. Eddie Edwards via DQ when Edwards attacked Austin (9:54)

Post match Alisha runs out to yell at Eddie and look down at Austin.

We look at Tessa Blanchard coming up short against Sami Callihan at last week’s Unbreakable, though Jake hitting her with the X-Division Title had something to do with that.

Fallah Bahh was having lunch earlier today when Moose came up to yell at him and call him fat. The fight was on but Moose threw something in his eyes and shoved food in his face.

Madison Rayne vs. Alexia Nicole

Kiera Hogan is on commentary. Madison takes her into the corner to start and looks rather confident. Nicole picks up the pace a bit and dropkicks her into the corner as Kiera doesn’t seem happy with Madison. A crash on the floor puts Nicole down but she drives Madison into the corner to break up a Koji Clutch. Madison has had it with this and hits CrossRayne for the pin at 4:14.

Result: Madison Rayne b. Alexia Nicole – CrossRayne (4:14)

Post match Kiera gets in to yell at Madison, though they do keep beating up Alexia in the process. Jordynne Grace runs in for the save.

The Rascalz are sad about not winning the Tag Team Titles. Wentz is very happy with seeing….someone in the hall. That someone sits down and it’s Rob Van Dam. The Rascalz start beating each other up with Van Dam’s moves as he looks rather confused.

Knockouts Title: Havok vs. Taya Valkyrie

Taya is defending after walking out on a match with Havok at Unbreakable. An early sunset flip doesn’t work for Taya as Havok knocks her down with no effort whatsoever. Some kicks and knees work a lot better for the champ but a running knee only gets one. Havok is right back up with a running Liger Bomb into a one armed camel clutch as Taya can’t do much against the monster. The chokeslam connects…and here are Su Yung and the Undead Bridesmaids, complete with undead children. Taya is gone and Yung grabs the Mandible Claw on Havok. Since there was no bell, we’ll call it a no contest at 4:00.

Result: Havok vs. Taya Valkyrie went to a no contest when Su Yung interfered (4:00)

We get a sitdown interview with Melissa Santos for an update on Brian Cage. Santos recently made their relationship public after a long time of trying to keep their personal and professional lives separate. That was getting to be too much though and things had to change. She can’t give much of an update on his medical condition, though he has been getting better, slowly.

The Desi Hit Squad shows up at a bar to insult the Deaners and a fight ensues. The Deaners get the better of it until Gama Singh’s distraction lets the Hit Squad get in beer bottle shots to the head.

Later, the Deaners are ticked off because the Hit Squad wouldn’t survive at their compound. Next week, they can fight in the ring.

Stone Rockwell vs. Nate Madsen

Rockwell takes him down and poses a bit, followed by a swinging Rock Bottom backbreaker. And never mind as here’s Rhyno to Gore Madsen for the DQ at 1:43.

Result: Nate Madsen b. Stone Rockwell via DQ when Rhyno interfered (1:43)

Post match Rockwell tries to bribe his way out of a Gore to no avail. Rhyno wants Elgin out here right now so here he is, but he’s not happy with Rhyno trying something stupid. Elgin has put everyone in the hospital so this isn’t happening now. Rhyno isn’t cool with that so the fight is on in the aisle.

Austin brags about being the first person to get to Eddie Edwards. Now, he’s going to get his wife.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Abyss vs. Mick Foley in a Monster’s Ball match at Bound For Glory 2009.

The Desi Hit Squad agrees to face the Deaners, but if they win, the Deaners are their servants.

Sami Callihan is ready to become World Champion as they take over the entire company. First up though: destroying Tommy Dreamer. Therefore, next week it’s Sami/Dave Crist vs. Dreamer/Tessa.

Tag Team Titles: Daga/Ortiz vs. The North

The North is defending and Konnan is out with Daga/Ortiz. Ortiz hammers on Page in the corner to start but Page punches him in the face as Callis says Daga and Ortiz could be the next Strike Force to LAX’s Can-Am Connection. Daga comes in but gets taken down by a cheap shot, allowing Alexander to come in for a slugout. A headscissors sends Alexander outside and that means a big flip dive from Daga.

Back in and Daga’s suplex gets two on Alexander but an assisted suplex from the champs puts Daga down for a change. The alternating stomps keep Daga in trouble and it’s a northern lights suplex into some right hands. Daga manages a German suplex for the hot tag to Ortiz so everything can break down.

A springboard tornado DDT into a splash gets two on Alexander. The top rope double stomp to the back sets up a Death Valley Driver for two more but Page is right back up to jump Daga. Alexander’s moonsault gets two but Daga is back up with a low superkick for two more as everything breaks down. Daga gets sent outside and it’s the alley oop spinebuster to retain at 10:36.

Result: The North b. Daga/Ortiz – Alley oop spinebuster to Ortiz (10:36)

Post match the champs leave so Konnan/Daga/Ortiz can shake hands to end the show.


Jake Crist b. Aiden Prince – Cutter
Ace Austin b. Eddie Edwards via DQ when Edwards attacked Austin
Madison Rayne b. Alexia Nicole – CrossRayne
Nate Madsen b. Stone Rockwell via DQ when Rhyno interfered
The North b. Daga/Ortiz – Alley oop spinebuster to Ortiz

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