So how did it go? While this year’s edition may not have felt like the biggest show in the world, Summerslam is still one of the biggest shows on the WWE calendar. That means that something is going to happen every single year and often times, that includes a title change. Since there are so many titles in WWE at the moment, it would make sense to have a few of them change hands at such a show. So how did the champions do?

The champions had a rather successful night at Summerslam with six of them retaining their titles and only one champion losing his, as Brock Lesnar lost the Universal Title to Seth Rollins. One title match, the Women’s Tag Team Title match, was added to the card on the day of the show and several titles, including the Intercontinental Title and both sets of Tag Team Titles, were not defended.

This was a big match. Check out Rollins’ win over Lesnar:


Opinion: You could tell something was up on the way to the main event with all of the champions hold onto their titles up to that point. WWE likes the idea of pushing one big moment above the rest of the show and that is what they did with the main event. Rollins winning was a big deal, though a lot of these feuds are likely to continue as we head into Clash of Champions next month.

Which title match was the best? Which titles should have changed hands? Let us know in the comments below.

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