That’s just dastardly. It’s hard to be a top heel in wrestling today. While anyone can go out there and insult a local sports team or call the fans stupid, it takes a lot to make the people genuinely hate everything about you. Not everyone is capable of making that work but when you find someone who can do it at a high level, it’s like watching an artist at work. That’s the case with a certain young villain.

In a new video posted to his Twitter account, Maxwell Jacob Friedman stomps on a dolphin made of sand that someone made on the beach. The caption of the Tweet says that he hopes someone learned to protect their valuables. It is not clear if anyone was around when Friedman stomped on the sand dolphin or if the other people had already left. There is always the chance that this was staged.

That’s quite the jerk move. Check out Friedman’s destruction of some work:

If that isn’t your taste, there’s always this. Check out Friedman yelling at fans:


Opinion: While I think that this was staged, it’s the kind of thing that makes Friedman look like a jerk. It’s a pretty stereotypical idea of something a mean person would do but it’s a little different when you actually see it happening. Friedman is one of the best heels in wrestling today because he comes off as someone with nothing redeemable about him. I could go for more of this and odds are that’s what we’ll be getting.

How good of a heel is Friedman? What is the best heel promo you have ever seen? Let us know in the comments below.

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