The battle of generations. There are all kinds of wrestlers who have grown up in wrestling, mainly due to having parents in the business. Having a wrestler for a mother or father opens a lot of different doors to younger wrestlers as they have a lot more experience around the business, as well as someone who can teach them a thing or two about wrestling. That might not be the best thing in every situation though.

Bray Wyatt has come a long way in the last year plus, mainly due to the help of the Fiend. Wyatt went from a glorified joke to one of the top stars in the promotion, even winning the Universal Title for the first time. As you might know, Wyatt comes from a wrestling family as the son of Mike Rotunda and the nephew of Barry Windham. Wyatt grew up in the business, but it wasn’t always the best time.

On Monday, Wyatt posted a story to Twitter, saying that when he was younger, former World Champion Sid Vicious broke Wyatt’s Rocketeer toy when Wyatt was playing in the WCW locker room. Vicious said that he was being too loud so Wyatt flipped him off, causing Vicious to break it. Wyatt went on to say that thirty years later, a friend of his gave him a new Rocketeer toy, restoring Wyatt’s faith in humanity.

Wyatt and Vicious have some things in common. Check out both of them as World Champion:

Opinion: This is the kind of story that always interests me as you never know what kind of thing can happen in a locker room. Couple that with how you never know what a kid will become twenty five or so years later and this is a rather amazing story. If nothing else, it shows that Vicious is the kind of guy who would break a kid’s (Wyatt was likely four or so at the time) toy for getting on his nerves.

What do you think of Wyatt? Who makes a better World Champion? Let us know in the comments below.

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