The second Smackdown exclusive pay per view is already looking more complete than the first one. After their match on “Smackdown Live” ended in a bit of controversy, General Manager Daniel Bryan has announced that Baron Corbin and Jack Swagger will face each other again on this Sunday’s “No Mercy 2016” kickoff show.

The first match between the two of them ended with Corbin losing by submission. However, Corbin claimed that he was reaching for the ropes, which the replay seems to back up. The video shows Corbin reaching for the ropes and slapping the mat by mistake, which the referee called a submission. Corbin said no way and freaked out after the match, triggering the rematch.

While this isn’t the most interesting match in the world, the booking is much better than usual with Corbin accidentally losing by submission instead of tapping out or getting pinned clean. It’s a very nice change of pace to have a rematch for a logical reason other than “because the script says that’s what we need to do.”

Do you like how this match was set up? Who do you want to see win? Which of these two have a brighter future on Smackdown and in the WWE in particular? Let us know in the comments below.


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