205 Live
Date: October 15, 2021
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

I’ve started liking this show a good bit more as it feels like NXT without the color scheme making my head hurt. NXT has needed a show like this for a good while now and it could do a good job in building up some people who do not get the chance otherwise. Hopefully they can do that again this week so let’s get to it.

Jeet Rama vs. Boa

Mei Ying is here with Boa. Rama works on the wrist to start but Boa is back with some kicks to the leg. That doesn’t work either so Rama takes him down for the quickly broken armbar. Back up and Boa works on Rama’s arm for a change, including bending it around the top rope. Some kicks drop Rama and there’s a knee to the arm. The armbar sets up a cobra clutch but Rama throws some suplexes. Boa goes right back to the arm though and kicks Rama in the head for the pin at 4:30.

Result: Boa b. Jeet Rama – Kick to the head (4:30)

Josh Briggs/Brooks Jensen vs. Keagan Scott/Taylor Garland

Jensen punches Scott in the face to start and snaps off a powerslam. Briggs comes in to talk some trash and release side slams Garland, setting up a splash. An assisted sitout powerbomb finishes Garland at 1:50.

Result: Josh Briggs/Brooks Jensen b. Keagan Scott/Taylor Garland – Assisted sitout powerbomb to Garland (1:50)

Roderick Strong vs. Odyssey Jones

Non-title, and the rest of the Diamond Mine is here too. Strong makes the mistake of going for an armdrag and is shoved away with ease. That means we need a bit of a breather, before Jones swats a flying shoulder out of the air. Jones pulls him back over the ropes and the confidence is rather high. Back up and Jones sends him head first into the corner over and over but Hachiman offers a distraction, allowing Strong to twist the knee around the rope.

A seated abdominal stretch goes on to put Jones in trouble and a kick to the face drops him again. The crossarm choke has Jones panicking but he powers to his feet, despite Strong telling him to stay down. Jones runs him over and hits a rolling senton and Strong’s jumping knee is blocked. Strong slips out though and the jumping knee finally knocks Jones out for the pin at 8:58.

Result: Roderick Strong b. Odyssey Jones – Jumping knee to the face (8:58)

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