Ring of Honor
Date: October 13, 2021
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe

It’s time to start the build towards Final Battle and I’m not sure what that is going to mean. Ring of Honor has a weird fascination with waiting as long as they can to announce a card and I’m not sure how much we’re going to be getting before this show. That being said, this show has been pretty great lately so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Soldiers of Savagery vs. Dalton Castle/Dak Draper

The Soldiers are ready to hurt people while Castle and Draper, with the Baby Chickens, promise to show how good they are. Castle wrestles Khan down to start and we actually get a clean break. The technical stuff doesn’t work for Khan so he shoulders Castle down with straight power. That works for Castle, who suplexes him down and hands it off to Draper, who gets caught by the arm. Moses comes in and knees Draper in the ribs so Khan can hit a running basement clothesline. It’s already back to Castle to run the Soldiers over and we take a break.

Back with Draper gutwrenching Khan and handing him off to Castle for the suplex in a nice power display. Hold on though as Castle needs to take a lap on the floor with the Baby Chickens, as tends to be his case. Draper gutwrench tosses Khan around, allowing Castle to grab the camera for a chat. Khan gets over to Moses for the hot tag though and it’s time to slug away. A backdrop puts Castle on the floor and Moses runs Draper over. Everything breaks down and it’s the elevated double DDT to finish Draper at 9:16.

Result: Soldiers of Savagery b. Dalton Castle/Dak Draper – Elevated double DDT to Draper (9:16)

Post match Kenny King and Dragon Lee come in to beat down the Soldiers, complete with a selfie. Moses gets up though and issues the challenge for the Tag Team Titles, complete with a promise for some complimentary body bags.

Willow vs. Miranda Alize vs. Angelina Love

The winner goes on to a #1 contenders match for a future Women’s Title match. Willow thinks this is like a Christmas present, Alize doesn’t know why she has to be in this match and Love brags about how awesome she is. Willow gets double teamed to start but fights her way to freedom, only to get knocked back into the corner. Both of them hit running splashes in the corner to crush Willow and we take a break.

Back with Willow fighting both of them off but getting sent to the floor for a crash. Love uses the distraction to grab a Code of Silence on Alize until Willow comes back in for the save. Willow sends them both outside for the split legged dropkick off the apron. That’s good for two on Alize back inside but she sends Willow back to the floor for a double suicide dive. Love comes back in and Botox Injections Alize to the floor, allowing Willow to grab a rollup pin at 8:32.

Result: Willow b. Miranda Alize/Angelina Love – Rollup to Love (8:32)

OGK vs. Rey Horus/Bandido

Both teams are fired up here. Horus and Bennett get things going with Horus working on the arm. Bennett manages to pull him down into a crucifix for a near fall though and things reset a bit. Bandido and Taven come in with Bennett dropkicking Bandido to the mat and us to a break. Back with Bandido charging into a superkick from Taven for a spear from Bennett, setting up a brainbuster for two.

It’s time to start working on Bandido’s leg with Taven crunching it and Bennett cranking away. An enziguri into the Purple Thunder Bomb gets two on Bandido and we hit the chinlock. Bennett hits a spinebuster but Taven misses a Lionsault, allowing the hot tag off to Horus. Everything breaks down and Bennett goes shoulder first into the post. The Spanish Fly plants Bennett and we take a break with OGK in trouble.

Back with Bandido limping but being fine enough to sweep Taven’s leg and hit a running shooting star press for two. Bennett makes the save though and the Hail Mary gets two on Bandido. Horus and Bennett get up for the big slugout but everyone hits something to another jaw for the four way knockdown. Back up and Taven hits Bandido with the Flight of the Conqueror but Bennett has to break up Horus’ Octopus. The Backpack Stunner/running kick to the face finishes Horus at 12:07.

Result: OGK b. Bandido/Rey Horus – Backpack Stunner/running kick to the face combination to Horus (12:07)


Soldiers of Savagery b. Dalton Castle/Dak Draper – Elevated double DDT to Draper
Willow b. Angelina Love and Miranda Alize – Rollup to Love
OGK b. Bandido/Rey Horus – Backpack Stunner/running boot to the face combination to Horus

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