205 Live
Date: November 20, 2020
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

Things were changed up a bit last week when Curt Stallion became the new #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Title. It’s nice to have some new names around here getting some focus, but the question now becomes where does everyone else go. That’s part of the trick that 205 Live has had trouble with in the past so hopefully it is better this time around. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Bollywood Boyz vs. Ever Rise

We pause for a dance off before the Boyz jump the two of them to start. A double clothesline into a double fist drop has Sunil in trouble and Martel drives him into the corner. Sunil elbows him in the face for one and grabs the armbar before handing it off to Samir. It’s already back to Sunil, who takes over with an armdrag into an armbar. Hold on though as Parker grabs the camera, which is enough to send Samir into a frenzy.

The distraction lets Martel get in a cheap shot and the backbreaker gets two on Samir. The neck crank goes on, followed by a step up elbow to the back for two. Samir manages to backdrop Parker to the floor though and the diving tag brings in Sunil to clean house. The Bollywood Blast gets two on Martel with Parker making the save. The referee gets rid of Sunil so it’s an assisted Codebreaker to Samir, only to have Sunil hit Martel with the camera for the pin at 8:55.

Result: Bollywood Boyz b. Ever Rise – Camera shot to Martel (8:55)

The entire division:

Post match Ariya Daivari comes out to join commentary and to yell at the Boyz for not helping him become #1 contender last week despite paying them well.

We look at Curt Stallion becoming #1 contender last week.

Curt Stallion doesn’t know why Santos Escobar didn’t shake his hand last week but maybe Escobar just isn’t familiar with him. Escobar needs to smarten up then because Stallion is coming for the Cruiserweight Title.

Tony Nese vs. Ashante Adonis

Daivari is on commentary and continues complaining about these young whippersnappers. Adonis’ threat of a shot the face sends Nese outside early on, where he grabs a headset and says he can do this all day. Adonis doesn’t like the delay and throws his wristband at Nese so the fight is on again. That goes to Adonis as well, with some shots to the face in the corner setting up a backdrop.

They head outside with Adonis sending Nese face first into the announcers’ table and glaring at Daivari at the same time. The distraction lets Nese throw the ring skirt over Adonis’ head and hit a dropkick to take over, much to Daivari’s delight. Back in and the Lionsault connects for two, followed by the required chinlock.

That also means the required comeback as Adonis fights up and hits a suplex. A flapjack drops Nese so Daivari gets up off commentary with the distraction…..allowing Adonis to hit a DDT for two. Nese is back with a spinning kick to the face for the same as Daivari loads up a chain around his fist. He almost hits Nese by mistake before charging into the ring and right into a spinebuster. Adonis hits the Long Kiss Goodnight for the pin at 8:06.

Result: Ashante Adonis b. Tony Nese – Long Kiss Goodnight (8:06)

More of the new:

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