Ring of Honor
Date: November 18, 2020
Location: UMBC Events Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Things are starting to get back to normal here and that is the kind of thing that could be a good or bad situation. The stories are starting to slip back into place though and now we get to find out what the creative department has put together in the last few months. I’m as scared as you are. Let’s get to it.

Amy Rose narrates a video about La Faccion Ingobernable, who is back soon.

Opening sequence.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to the show and throws it to the end of Brody King beating Dalton Castle last week.

King says a fire of violence has been lit inside him. His comments were about ten seconds after two minutes of the match.

The Briscoes and the Soldiers of Savagery talk trash to each other and are ready to fight.

Soldiers of Savagery vs. Briscoes

EC3 is on commentary. The Briscoes have new music and someone managed to count that they are 199-80 all time in 2-2 tag team matches in Ring of Honor. We actually get the Code of Honor before the match and it’s Jay locking up with Moses to start. Moses grabs a headlock as EC3 asks if these strong men have honor. Mark comes in with a middle rope dropkick to Moses and a kick in the head knocks Khan off the apron.

Moses gets stomped down in the corner and a Russian legsweep makes it worse. Back up and Moses manages to send the Briscoes into each other and the hot tag brings in Khan. EC3 turns it into another rant about controlling your narrative as Moses comes back in for two off a legdrop. Jay gets over to Mark without much trouble and it’s time to clean house all over again.

A running clothesline drops Khan and Jay uppercuts him into the corner. The Briscoes hit a double superplex for two and we take a break. Back with the Soldiers busting out the weapons but the slugout is on instead (EC3: “There is honor in the slugfest.”). Moses hits the crossbody and Khan adds a middle rope headbutt to Mark. A running flip dive off the apron takes Jay down as Moses covers Mark for the near fall. Back in and Jay hits a neckbreaker to drop Moses into the Death Valley Driver. Mark takes out Khan and adds the Froggy Bow to finish Moses at 9:41.

Result: Briscoes b. Soldiers of Savagery – Froggy Bow to Moses (9:41)

Respect is shown again post match. EC3 stands in the aisle as the Briscoes pass him (Mark: “He looks like he’s lost.”)

Video on Vincent vs. Matt Taven, with Bateman talking about how far Taven has fallen. Taven talks about how Vincent only thinks he’s righteous and it’s time for revenge. If Taven has to go through Bateman to get to Vincent, that’s cool with him.

The Briscoes aren’t worried about EC3 because they just won a big tag match. They want their titles back but Jay isn’t happy with EC3 and challenges him for next week.

Shane Taylor talks about growing up in a horrible part of Cleveland and it gave him a different perspective. Wrestling gave him a way out and a new place to go and he’s here because of someone else from Cleveland named Ray Rowe. When Taylor got to Ring of Honor, he formed a team with a guy named Keith Lee called the Pretty Boy Killers because they looked different and were stars anyway. Then once Lee left, Taylor hooked up with the Rebellion and Kenny King told him how good he would be. Taylor did not get that until recently and now he is ready to face King, because they know each other better than anyone.

Kenny King talks about being tired of being screwed over by Ring of Honor and joined La Faccion Ingobernable. He has the lawyer for Los Ingobernables and said lawyer isn’t pleased with how King has been treated. As for Taylor, King repeats a lot of what Taylor said but promises to beat Taylor again because King didn’t teach him everything.

Shane Taylor vs. Kenny King

Taylor won’t shake hands so King hits him in the face to start in a hurry. Shake hands next time dude. King misses an early spinning kick but avoids a running knee, setting off a quick boxing match. It’s King getting the better of things with a quick shot to the face, followed by a kick to the face to stagger Taylor. Back up and Taylor absolutely knocks his block off with a shot to the face and another huge right hand drops King in the corner.

We take a break and come back with Taylor hitting another shot to leave King barely able to stand. King manages to stick the landing on a toss though and nails a few kicks of his own. Some shots to Taylor’s face have him staggered as well but Taylor runs him over with a shoulder for two. We hit the chinlock for a bit with King fighting up, only to get clotheslined again. King gets to the apron and a forearm cuts off his springboard attempt. Back in and King manages a spinwheel kick for a quick knockdown and we take a break.

We come back again with King hitting some running knees in the corner but Taylor BLASTS HIM with a knee to the face. The package piledriver gives Taylor two more and he can’t believe the kickout. King manages a t-bone suplex for two of his own and says he’s always one step ahead. With nothing else working, King goes to the corner but Taylor catches him in Welcome To The Land for the pin at 10:14.

Result: Shane Taylor b. Kenny King – Welcome To The Land (10:14)

Post match they hug and Taylor celebrates on his own.

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