205 Live
Date: July 3, 2018
Location: Century Link Center, Omaha, Nebraska
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

Things are starting to look up around here as the characters and stories are getting better. Tonight we have what should be the big ending to a pretty solid rivalry as Mustafa Ali faces Buddy Murphy in a No DQ match. Ali is one of the best things about this show and Murphy looks better every week so this should be good. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Drake Maverick’s opening recap looks back at Cedric Alexander challenging Hideo Itami and a fight nearly breaking out as a result. The match is on for next week. TJP’s recent issues with Maverick get a look as well.

Here’s TJP for a match against an opponent of Maverick’s choosing. As TJP puts it, hasn’t that been the case for every one of TJP’s recent opponents? He’s not happy to not be in the main event in this dump of a town because fun and excitement come to Nebraska to die. So get the opponent out here.

TJP vs. Noam Dar

This is Dar’s first match on 205 Live in several months after a bad knee injury. TJP’s look of “well dang it” when Dar comes out is great. Dar explodes with some strikes, kicks him in the leg and hits the running kick to the head to pin TJP in 29 seconds.


Noam Dar vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, July 3, 2018

We look back at Ali beating Murphy four months ago in the Cruiserweight Title tournament by taking out Murphy’s arm. Ali tried to do the same thing two months later but Murphy got more aggressive and won the rematch.

Murphy is ready to send Ali to the hospital before getting his title shot.

TJP leaves without talking about what just happened.

Akira Tozawa vs. Jaysin Strife

Hang on though as Lio Rush comes out to watch. Tozawa chops away to start and decks Strike in the jaw with a right hand. There’s a backsplash but Strife does manage a jumping knee to the face. Tozawa has had it with him though and his a Shining Wizard, followed by the top rope backsplash for the pin on Strife at 2:07.

Strife makes sense for this guy’s name.

Akira Tozawa vs. Jaysin Strife: WWE 205 Live, July 3, 2018

Rush seems impressed and gets on the announcers’ table to praise Tozawa. He should be ashamed though because there’s a difference between Tozawa and Rush. See, Rush doesn’t wait for anything because he’s just too good to wait.

Ali is ready to run straight at danger tonight.

Alexander is ready to take out the next challenge to his legacy.

Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy

No DQ and Ali punches him off the apron before the bell, setting up a big dive to the floor. They get inside for the bell and Murphy kicks him in the head before taking it right back outside. Ali punches his way out of the announcers’ area and sends Murphy face first into the steps. A crossbody off the barricade takes Murphy down in the crowd.

Back to ringside with Ali trying to walk the barricade but getting pulled down by the hair for a crash onto the ramp. A suplex onto the ramp has Ali’s back in even more trouble and it’s off to a chinlock with a knee in the back. The rope grab means nothing here so Murphy goes with a hard kick to the back to keep Ali in trouble again. Murphy: “I could do this all day.” A rather nice back body drop and a forearm to the spine continue the targeting with some variety.

Murphy ducks his head though and gets kicked in the face to finally give Ali a breather. There’s a dropkick to put Murphy in the corner and the rolling X Factor gets two. They head outside again with Ali eating some announcers’ table so Murphy sends the steps inside with the edge on the apron. As Ali gets up, Murphy baseball slides them into his face and follows with a big springboard flip dive, which actually impresses the crowd.

Back in and the steps are set up in the corner with Ali being tossed into them for a nasty looking crash, back first of course. Since Ali won’t give up, he sends Murphy into the steps with a hurricanrana. Murphy isn’t done though and snaps off a powerbomb into a sitout powerbomb for a heck of a near fall. They’re beating the heck out of each other here and it’s awesome. Murphy, rather frustrated now, goes up but gets crotched, leaving Ali to ram the steps into his head. Fans: “NO MORE STAIRS!”

With Murphy still on the top, Ali stands the steps up and stands on top of them for an extra high superplex and a BIG crash. Ali knocks him outside but gets flapjacked onto the announcers’ table, drawing another WE WANT TABLES chant. Murphy climbs onto the barricade but Ali gets up, jumps onto the table and then onto the barricade for a C4 onto the announcers’ table, which doesn’t break.

Back in and Ali gets his arms tied in the ropes, leaving Murphy to hit three straight running knees to the head. Somehow Ali isn’t dead and looks up at Murphy with a shake of his head. Another knee to the head gets two, leaving Murphy completely flabbergasted. Murphy grabs the steps again but charges into a boot, allowing Ali to run up the steps and hit his pop up tornado DDT for the pin and the title at 22:47.

Result: Mustafa Ali b. Buddy Murphy – Tornado DDT (22:47)

This was an instant classic (22:47)

A lot of replays take us out.

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