AEW is moving right along on Wednesday nights with Dynamite. Tony Khan’s company recently signed a three-year deal with the TNT Network, solidifying their position as a true player in the professional wrestling industry.

Much of AEW’s success has come because of its roster, which features some of the biggest names in the business today. Now that roster has increased by one, as Jeff Cobb has debuted on the February 12 edition of Dynamite.

The former Ring of Honor World Television champion came to the ring at the behest of AEW World champion Chris Jericho. Jericho and The Inner Circle were in the process of dismantling Jon Moxley, when Chris called Cobb to the ring and announced that Jeff will face Moxley on the February 19 Dynamite. Cobb hit Mox with his Tour of the Islands finisher, leaving him for dead in the middle of the ring.

This debut may have come as a surprise to many fans, who were not aware of his move to AEW. Cobb was reportedly not happy with New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he was a featured attraction and Ring of Honor has dealt with a bit of controversy as of late. So in the end, his eventual landing spot was unknown.


Now the question becomes, is Jeff Cobb joining The Inner Circle? While it’s much too early to know for sure, it is interesting that Jericho would use an outside hitman on Moxley, especially since Jon was down at the end of the program.

But it appears that Le Champion is extremely worried about his title, which he’s scheduled to defend against Moxley at Revolution on February 29. Chris is the typical heel champion so of course he’s determined to keep his prize at all costs.

So why not hire Jeff Cobb to take Jon Moxley out? It’s another way for Jericho to keep Moxley at bay and it’s actually his last real shot because the clock is ticking. Jon is closer than he’s ever been to the AEW World Championship and the way this feud has gone thus far, it does seem that he’s meant to win it.

Mox’s war with The Inner Circle began when he turned down Jericho’s offer to join the group on January 7. Since that time, Moxley has been targeted by Jericho and The Inner Circle. But Moxley has not backed down and has instigated the violence on more than one occasion. If anyone in AEW is in a prime position to knock Chris off the championship mountain, it’s definitely Jon Moxley.

It was perhaps only a matter of time that Jon would rise up the ladder in AEW. From the moment he left WWE in 2019, he has been the hottest commodity in the industry. Jon’s newfound freedom reinvigorated his career, which has also lead him to New Japan. Moxley has become a top guy in two different companies and he’s never been more over with the fans.

It’s logical to assume that Jericho, even with four guys backing him up, would not a have a chance against Jon at Revolution. But now that Jeff Cobb is in the mix, all bets are off. Will Jeff’s presence in AEW prevent Jon from capturing the World Championship? Or will Mox be able to overcome these odds as well and become the new AEW World champion on February 29? Despite what happens, it’s clear that Jon Moxley is still on fire and Jeff Cobb has indeed found his new home.    


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