WWE uploaded a video to their Twitter account featuring No Way Jose dancing with NXT General Manager William Regal at a live event.

At the recent live event in Sacramento, Regal stood in the ring to address the crowd. Jose would come out to the ring and ask Regal to dance. Regal agreed and he and Jose ultimately danced with the referee before both walking out.

The video is absolutely hilarious and is what you’d expect of both Jose and Regal if you’re familiar with their careers. Both have comedic and serious sides, and this was a fantastic look at the comedic aspect of their characters.

You can watch the video below or check out the original tweet from WWE!

William Regal Dances With No Way Jose at Live Event

The original tweet can be found here:

Editor’s Note:

I loved this! Was awesome to see Regal get in the dancing mood and let loose for once. He has played comedic characters before, so I knew he could pull it off.

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