Open the HHH vault! Over the years, HHH has had his share of big matches at Summerslam. It’s no surprise given that it’s one of the biggest shows of the year and he’s one of the biggest stars of all time. One of those big moment has been released on WWE’s YouTube page in its full form.

WWE has released the full match from “Summerslam 2007” when King Booker faced the returning HHH in one of the show’s bigger matches. This was HHH’s return to the ring after tearing his quadriceps muscle (again) back at January’s “New Year’s Revolution 2007” pay per view. Here’s the full match:

FULL MATCH — Triple H vs. Booker T: SummerSlam 2007 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Opinion: The reaction is nowhere near as strong as it was back in 2002 when he returned from such a long injury the first time but by this point, HHH had worn the fans down a bit. It certainly wasn’t a bad reception but I’m not sure how many people were going coconuts over the idea of another big HHH push.

Did you like HHH’s return in 2007? What is your favorite HHH Summerslam match? Let us know in the comments below.


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