Can you count to five? We’re less than ten days away from “Summerslam 2017”, which happens to be the thirtieth edition of the show. That means it’s time to look back at the history of the show, both the good and the bad. In this case, WWE is looking back at the some of the more memorable endings in the show’s history.

WWE has released a new video on its YouTube page, showcasing the five most controversial endings the show has ever seen. The list is your usual mixture of both modern and classic, though there’s only so much to pick from as a lot of the shows ended without much in the way of controversy.

Here’s the video, which should be a nice flashback for some of you:

5 most controversial SummerSlam endings

Opinion: These things are always worth seeing as WWE has the rights to every bit of video ever, meaning we get some of the best clips possible. While I don’t always agree with WWE’s choices, and I’m not sure I do here, you can only get these things so wrong. This was another fine list, as WWE’s are most of the time.

What is your favorite Summerslam ending? How should this year’s show end? Let us know in the comments below.


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