The budget cuts claim another. As you might have heard about, WWE is currently at war with its budget, cutting away everything they can possibly find in order to save money. One major thing to go has been pyro at events, but another seems to be a lot of the online exclusive shows. In addition to “Talking Smack” being canceled, another has been cut off, despite it not having much of a history.

According to her Twitter account, the Cathy Kelley hosted “NXT Insider” has been canceled.

The show, which only debuted in July, offered a quick recap of the goings on in NXT and usually lasted about six minutes a week. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by way of, the show was canceled due to more budget cuts. Based on the same report, Renee Young’s “Unfiltered” and Edge’s and Christian’s show have met the same fate.

In case you’ve never seen it, here’s an example of “NXT Insider”:

What craziness will go down in tonight's no-holds-barred Last Woman Standing Match?

Opinion: It took me awhile to find all of these “NXT Insider” videos because I had to keep scrolling past the trailers for the movies WWE keeps putting out and the horribly low rated “205 Live” clips. But yeah, I’m sure the real solution to WWE cutting costs is introducing a show in July and canceling it in August. After all, it can’t be cheap to have someone stand in front of a screen and talk for a few minutes while introducing a clip.

What is your favorite show WWE is canceling? How would you lower WWE’s costs? Let us know in the comments below.


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